Well this is my fourth and Last poem and I hope you at least you like it .

Until the Night

The Night is the time when the city comes to life
it's the calm breeze
and glistening stars that never die
the darkness hides all eyes
and shades all hearts.
It hides you in darkness
behind a cold heartless front
not all are fond of the night
so hide in their silk beds
like the cowards they are till tis day
for then, everything comes to life
like the birds and bees.
Masks will be ripped off
and they'll discover you for the monster you are
For nothing can hide from them
like the eyes of verdict
But until the Night
they will judge
until the Night
you won't be safe
until the Night
you are and open book
Until the Night you'll never be forsaken
for this forsaken world
that has lost its color
and will forever judge
Until The Night...you'll never be safe

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