NOTE: Since this is based from a true story, the names of the following characters has been changed to protect and keep the identity of the people private.

Chapter 1

Signing up for Love?

(March 9, 2011- 8:15 pm. Manila, Philippines)

"Mum, I'm home." I said as I enter our house.

"What took you so long?" Mrs. Gomez asked as she greeted her unica hija. me (Spanish term for only daughter)

I walked around and settles myself on the couch and said "You know this is my last year in school so obviously we are really busy"

"You could've called though," she replied as she goes to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

"Well yeah but," I trailed. "Doesn't matter, I'm here now right?" I said rolling her eyes, going to her bedroom to change.

I love to roll my eyes. I have no idea why but I just do and I couldn't really help it if I try.

By the way I am Annika Danielle Gomez, I am sixteen years old and is currently in my senior year. Sigh. Just a couple of weeks from now then I am done. Like really done with school. Anyway, let me tell you more bout' me , I am five feet , four inches tall. Well I love to read books, I don't really consider myself as a nerd because the term 'nerd' for me is for people who loves to study, so I consider myself as a bookworm instead. Also I love to watch basketball, but i have no idea how to play. I have Spanish descent.

I am an only child. Some people actually thinks it is really nice to be an only child because you get to have anything you want by just simply asking for it. But no, maybe some but not me. I have this love/hate relationship with the fact that I am an only child. Sometimes I love it because I get to have the time to be alone when I want to and that I don't have to fight to a sibling because I dont have one. But most of the times, I hate it. Why? Simply because I am always alone, I dont have anyone to talk to that would understand me as a child. No one would protect me, no one would give me advice, no one would ask me to help him/her with their homework. Sometimes I ask God why didnt he give me a sister or a brother.

So yeah, enough with the drama. Also I can be really feisty too, I easily get pissed especially when I am having a bad day or I am dealing with someone I dont wanna deal with.

As I wait for mum to call for dinner, I have decided to update my account on the social networking sites.

Then suddenly I saw an advertisement on the side of the page

"LOL: Love OnLine. Exclusively for teens ages 13 to 19" I read

"This is crazy" I muttered to herself then goes down to have dinner.

"Annika, time for dinner" mum called from the kitchen.

"Coming in a sec" i shouted back

The sight of the show on the television caught me and I remember the conversation I had with a friend in school

"Which one do you think looks better on me? Blue or Green?" my friend Via asked me.

"Uh, I think it would look better if it is black" I stated. I am really good with fashion like mix matching clothes then with the right make up and accessories.

"But my boyfriend's favourite colours are blue and green" she replied.

"Does it matter?" I asked

"What if blue and green does not suit you? Would you still wear them just because they are his favourite?" I continued"

"I shouldnt have asked you to come with me! You never had a boyfriend so you would not understand!" she snapped then left.

"um Mum?" I started nervously, slowly sitting down.

"yes dear?" mum answered while grabbing a piece of some garlic bread to partner up with thepasta.

"Well, a few months to go then I'm off to college right?" she started. "And I was thinking uh maybe that, you would uh finally allow me to uhmm uh have a boyfriend?" I stuttered looking directly down at my empty plate.

"No." mum stated flatly.

"But.." I started, looking curiously at her.

"I said No! how dare you ask such thing? You are too young to have a boyfriend. Wait till you're done with college then you can have lots. "she snapped.

"I would be 20 at that time" I tried to argue.

"Better then. I had my first boyfriend, your dad, when I was 19. So now finish up your dinner" she said.

Sigh. Yes it is true, I am a real NBSB (No Boyfriend Since Birth). I finished up dinner then washed the dishes as fast as I could so I could go to my room.

I was about to jump into my bed when I saw my laptop and I realized I didnt close the ad I saw earlier. But then instead of clicking the X button, I accidentally clicked the ad itself and it brought me to the website that might change my life. Forever.

TBC :)