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NOTE: Since this is based from a true story, the names of the following characters has been changed to protect and keep the identity of the people private.

Chapter 3



TGIF. Yes, it is Friday today. Thank God there is no school tomorrow, anyways today is a wonderful day because it is my last friday till graduation. OMG. Finally, this is it. No more school and Hello Adulthood. I still cannot believe it.

I was about to enter the shower when i noticed my laptop, sitting on my bed. I turned it on then went to shower.

A couple of minutes later.


I looked at my laptop and it says someone added me. I am kinda off and not myself and I forgot what I did the night before.

Then it came to my senses that out of boredom, curiousty and my mums "selfishness and over-protectiveness" I have taken the risk of finding a boyfriend online.

Liam-is-the-man has added you as a friend

Before I accepted his friend request, I went to his profile.

USERNAME: Liam-is-the-man

Location: Queensland, Australia

Interests : Playing video games, shuffling, listening to hardstyle, editing pictures via photoshop etc

Sexual Orientation : Straight

Eye and Hair Colour: Green and Blonde

"Hmm, interesting" I thought.

"Annika, breakast now" Mum appeared to my door.

Before I got some breaky, the guy who added me, sent me a message. It says...

Hey, I'm Liam, I am from Australia and thanks for accepting my friend request.. and I noticed the your post last night and I am looking for a gf, maybe we could chat sometime and get to know each other?

Hope to hear from you soon ;)

Wow, i never thought someone would really hit me up that fast. I mean, I am not the type of girl that most guys really go after , I am not that pretty, I wear glasses which covers mostly of my face and I am not that skinny. I am just an ordinary girl. Too plain I guess.

"Guess it wont hurt if I sent him a reply since he seems really nice" I thought

Hey, well I am Annika, I am from the Philippines, well I am kinda new to this site so I really dont have any idea what to do LOL, and yes I am looking for bf, well I dont really want to sound crazy or whatever, I guess I am just looking for someone to talk to you know, :p And yes I am looking forward to talking to you as well..ttyl :)

xoxo Annika

"And done" I said as i hit the Enter button.

I never thought that by the time that I hit the Enter... My life would turn upside down :)