A/N- Okay, so this is another kind of sad poem that just popped into my head. I wrote it down really quickly, so it's a rough poem, not refined at all, although I may do at some point. So bear in mind that this is supposed to be really irregular, purely because I haven't changed anything since the first time it popped into my head. Also, I didn't follow a rhyming pattern, because I didn't try and rhyme it. It just so happens that some of the lines rhyme. Anyways, hope you like it, and remember any suggestions or feedback you have would be greatly appreciated!

My Boy Builds Boats

When we were six

My Boy drew a boat for me

Tossed upon a choppy sea.

He pointed at it and said;

"One day this'll be us, together,

Just sailing around, alone forever

With no-one to tell us

What to do or who to be

Make a pinky-swear with me."

I laughed because I hoped it was true

And one day would be just me and you,

So I linked my pinky with My Boy's

And stuck our boat on my bedroom wall.

When we were twelve

My Boy built a boat for me

And said; "She's called Rosie".

I ran a bath as he told me

About his dad teaching him

How to build and seal and sand

A wooden boat made by hand,

And as Rosie bobbed around

We talked over our lifelong plans

Of escape, the sun and the sea

Our little secret journey.

I linked my fingers with My Boy's,

And made waves in Rosie's bathroom voyage.

When we were one

My Boy paused before telling me

That he was off to go to sea.

He kissed my fingers and my tears

And told me it wasn't to be for years.

We sat in the garden

On the boat we had built

And he said;

"You know, my love, it's not forever

And you know in our hearts we're always together

Always, I swear, I promise you that.

Now don't you cry, Rosie, Dear,

You know that I am always near,

You know I'll always come back for you,

You know I will never forget you.

I'll write you letters every day,

And send them every chance I get,

And before you know it, I'll be home

And you will never be alone."

I clasped my hands around My Boy's

And vowed never to let go.

When we became two

My Boy saluted for me

And I cried as I returned it.

Soon after he was gone

I played all our favourite songs

And ran a bath for me and Rosie.

I sat there 'til the water went cold,

Making waves as we used to,

And fell asleep to old movies

We knew too well to be healthy.

When I was one

My boy came home to me.

Seven months had never passed so slowly.

The lines of wooden boxes

Reminded me of the shelf of model boats

At home, that he'd never see again

And all the things he'd never see.

I brought My Boy home in an urn that day

And sent him out to sea the next,

Just him and Rosie

My Boy and me

Sailing on an choppy sea

Pinky-swear of forever


When he was six

I taught my boy to build boats

As his father has taught me

And his father had taught him.

And some weeks later

I was presented with a wooden boat

That My Boy had built.

I said;

"One day it'll be just you and me

Sailing on a choppy sea,

With no-one to tell us

What to do or who to be,

Make a pinky-swear with me"

He linked his pinky with my own

And I felt My Boy returning home.