Out of the dirt and rubble of the fallen building, a hand popped out. It pressed itself against the ground as the arm was visible, followed by the teenage girl it was attached to. She could feel as the rocks scratched across her stomach and cutting a little, but didn't stopped moving until she finally got herself out of the hole she was in. Lifting her head a little, she gasped for air as she looked at the world around her with her dark brown eyes.

A huge scarred world was all that was left of this universe. All of the possible life have been erased in a huge explosion that happened so suddenly and all that remains was her. Within three seconds, she saw as the rest of her family were crushed when the large building they called home collapsed on top of them. Everyone she knew, dead before they register what has happened to them.

"Mama… Papa… John… Sai—" A sharp pain in her abdomen caused her to be out of breath and left her staring into the now destroyed world. She just moved her dark brown braid away from her face, revealing her bleeding forehead and whimpered. She barely stood up, not caring for what happens to her overly bruised body. She grabbed her left forearm to accommodate for the pain. Her eyesight was a bit blurry since her glasses was destroyed but it was enough to see the wreckage it cause. She formed her left hand into a fist as she began to register what has happened to her.

"How can this happen? Today was suppose to be one of happiest days of my life… The day I finally would do my best at what I can. Papa would have been proud of me, Mama too. Even Felice would have been proud too…" She cried at the loss of everything she hold dear as her ripped school uniform went along with the flow of the wind. Feeling angered, she slammed her fist against the dirt several times. "Why did this happen?! Why am I the only one left alone? Why me?!" Repeating this action, she took out all of her anger on the barren earth for only five minutes until her hand became sore and bruised. Finally able to control herself properly, she return to her original position of lying down. She looked down and held her fist tightly until she heard laughter. Not one voice but a thousand.

She regretted ever looking up to see what it was. A dark mist with a thousand faces, all of them were distorted to look like those who were tortured to death. The five arms stretching out were jagged like knives and the head was just flat. It had the most repulsive face as if a sewage had been thrown back into it several times and its black eyes stared right into her. It went to her face, making her stare into those eyes that seem to full of hatred. Laughter continued as she gasped at the sight. This thing was anything but human. It continually stared at her and went to away. The back was worst. Fuchsia blood was dripping and the mangled bodies were scattered all over the place. More eyes just stared at her as it moved about its business, not caring about the girl it had left to wallow in sadness.

She didn't know how to react to the thing, but she knew that it had some connection to what she saw. "How can I possibly survive on my own," she cried as a single tear ran through her face. It fell the ground as she continue to sulk. "How can I change this fate?"

Her answer came to her as she saw herself glow with radiance.

Is this my fate?