"Kid? Kid? Are you awake?"

"Don't bother waking him up. It's better if he sleeps for now." The room consisted of the redhead sleeping in the blanket while the girl wore an over sized tee-shirt and shorts that ended at her knees. The mysterious stranger had short blonde hair and his blue eyes focused on the girl. To think that the one chosen by him, Kami, the Sylph would be caught in such a scandalous act. They both stood next to each other and it was plain to see just how close their height was together.

"Sempai, you know that what just happened…"

"Yes I know. He'll be surrounded by our kind eventually. He should not give in to his heart's yearnings. It could be dangerous."

"You should have left him in the river to drown."

"Alex! That's not how I operated. For now he could be either our ally or our enemy!"

"And what if he's our enemy, then what, Luella? Or have you forgotten about what happened around 1,000 years ago? When we first met?" She turned to him and sighed. He had always been this persistence ever since they met.

"It was different back then. I was more focused on killing the majos than to see the purpose you have. That's why I spared you, Alex. Or shall I call you Odo like I did back then?" She teased at him. He flustered and then slammed his fist against the wall. He looked at her mocking gray eyes and saw that hidden there was a message that meant to not test her.

He brushed some of the dust left off of his red aeropostle jacket and fixed his jeans a little before beginning to relax. He flinched at the sight of a small fly and swatted it out of his face. Already he sees that his superior was ready to make a comment about his actions and his past before the two met. He sometimes wished that he could wipe that smug look off of her face. But he knows that he can't. Not after what she did for him when he was just started being a majo.

"The blood of the nisegami has tainted your soul. Prepare to die," she coldly said as she raised her sword at the boy in the field. Her monochrome eyes made contact with the boy's icy blue ones. It's a shame really, he did handle three nisegami all by himself and yet here he was, about to die.

Her clothes looked more elegant compared to his. Her color scheme was more like a dark red. She had only small bracelets and a large jacket to cover her shoulder, which were somewhat a lighter red. He could see that her legs were visible, which would make his mother go on a rampage on how a proper woman would have dress, because of her skirts, the one below was more visible that the one on top. Her shoes were odd too, as they were Mary Janes as she had called them once and it helped her feet against the usual hot weather. Her hair hanged loose but had a red ribbon going through her left side of the hair and a choker with a red pendent hanged loose. But her appearance alone imitated him.

He was just a peasant before the accident that gave him his powers. He was in his rags but if he could, he could become his majo form and battle her. Of course, he knew he had no chance against someone like her. She was like him, a majo herself, maybe one even powerful than himself.

Why would she kill one of her kind? If those things are the problem at hand, why would she attack him instead of them? His thoughts must have reached her as she lowered her sword to his neck. Immediately, blood trickled down but he wasn't hurt. "The nisegami are connected to you. If you understand that connection, then you should know your fate by now."

"I don't know the connections!" He screamed as he transformed to his majo appearance. She stood back and observed the boy closely. His broad red outfit was a more odd one for his time. He had a tight shirt along with an even larger coat than Luella has. His shoes were more like military style as they would say in her time as his pants too were tight. She could clearly see his gem in the middle of a cross and removed her sword away.

He had gotten hold of his sickle and pointed at her, which made her want to laugh at him. "You think you can beat me with that little farming tool? Alright, I'll give you one chance."

She took out a little gold coin, which was rare for a girl her age to come by. She throw it in the air as she prepares herself to attack, putting herself in a vulnerable position. He put the sickle to his side and eyed carefully at the coin. Come on! This is the only chance I have left!

Finally, the coin landed on the ground and he started running at full speed. Luella, however, placed bread in her mouth, not really caring about the fight. Her peripheral vision catches a glimpse of the boy and merely struck out her sword. He saw this and hit the sword with his weapon. He hoped that the weapon would have been knock down but before he could finally claim his prize, something happened.

The girl twirled her sword around the inside of the sickle's blade and watched how easily she was able to pick up both weapon and wielder with one raise of her weapon. She watched as he slipped and his left side landed on the blade. Blood spilled down her arm as he bleed the dark shade she remember seeing as red. She lowered her sword and kicked the body off of the sword.

"How pathetic. You dare attack me while I ate my first meal in five days. But I have to admit that you did tried your best. But only doing that isn't enough. You need common sense, survival instincts to truly live a life of a majo."

He could barely stand due to the inflicted wound. He felt like a pig that he saw some older serfs kill and saw how it squealed for mercy. It was the end, he thought as he closed his eyes, probably for the last time.

Instead, he felt as a strange oil spread around his wound as if to help with healing. He open his eyes to find the girl who tried to kill him helping him. She had a cloak wrapped around her and appeared more like a servant than the mannered killer that he had fought. She gave him a piece of her bread and he looked at her confused.

"You're supposed to eat it. You need all the rest you can need. Maybe if you had taken the coin instead of fighting me, you would have food for two months. That's one of the rarest coins out there and it would have really helped you and your family," she told him as she tried a piece of clothe around his wound. It stung a little and he grind his teeth at the pain.

He thought she was strange. She was planning to let him be this entire time. The coin was merely payment and her nonchalant stance was to show that she had no interest whatsoever in a fight. He grabbed her and place her next to him.

"What's the honor in that? If anything, you should have finished me off while you had the chance. I was the fool who accepted the challenge. Just end my suffering." She chuckled as she looked at the sky. Clouds surrounded the sun and the wind was able to cool down the hot summer here. "What's so funny?"

"You think other majos are not suffering as well? You heard the stories from other nisegami that you have fought. The one about the Sylph?" He looked at her as if she was crazy. The wind picked up and blew his blond hair and her dark brown, almost black hair out-of-the-way. The scenery would have been perfect, if it wasn't for the fact that he was wounded.

"No. I didn't know that they could even talk."

"You have to listen carefully. The story goes like this. In a world that was about to be destroyed due its sinful ways, God had to choose one person to be the one to help the next world. He picked a normal schoolgirl and helped her become a majo. With that, she was saved from the destruction of her world and gain access to the new, beautiful world that God had created to replaced the old and rotten one. That girl became the Sylph, a person that had compared to the angels themselves. She helped Adam and Eve as they left Eden and the other major biblical characters. She would be the one to choose her successor in case this world too becomes like her own." She looks at the clouds more closely and sighed. "I have met her many times and can't help but wonder why she always have a sorrowful face."

"I could imagine why she could be sorrowful. Having to leave her own life behind, to serve God for an eternity and probably living for a long time would be hard." She smiled and sunk her more into the ground.

"Alright so now you know my story, what's yours?" She turn her body so that her back would be facing him. He looked over and became more confused.

"I don't really know your story— Wait a minute. You're the Sylph?! You don't really look that old." She nodded her head and yawned. "My story then. The land here is where I belong. My family works day and night to please the noble here. I was just a serf until I meet those three nisegami—"

"Oh the Triplets? I was going to destroy them until I found out that someone else had already killed them. Oh and I'm older than I seem." She looked over to him and nodded her head, a sign for him to continue talking.

"I met them and… I just became a majo. I beat them but something doesn't feel right with me." He turned to her as she shifted to have them facing each other. She moves slowly to his ears as she tell him the reason he was like that. With that said, his eyes widen at the thought.

"Now then, would you help this tortured soul through the life that's expected of me? Would you wish to have a life greater than any regular majo?"

Nakusu opened his eyes and saw the gray eye girl fighting with a random guy in the rundown room. He decided to stay quiet and wait for them to finish arguing to make his début. But they kept arguing about random things from the incident that happened last night to if maru-chan or cup noodles was the best instant ramen. He would just smile for now he knew the name of his savior and thought it went well with her attitude.


Thanks to all who have actually taken the time to read this. This is somewhat filler/critical as it lays out what would happen throughout the rest of the volume. R&R.