Chapter 1- A typical day at school.

Every day was the same for me. Wake up, go to school, do homework, go to work, get hit on by the bosses' son, go home, sleep and repeat. My life was a rut since my brothers moved out. The only time anything got interesting was when the cops brought Mama Home after a night of drinking. When I was six my dad had a mental break down, and got sent to the asylum for the rest of his life. Mama started drinking, heavy, and my brothers all moved to different parts of the world to get away from her. Brian went to Russia, Tori in Italy, and Chris in Japan. They got to escape everything while I was left at home.

I've lived in a small cabin way up in the mountains in a small town called Trentbrook for my whole life. It's a typical mountain town for Colorado. My room was is the smallest in the house and perfectly cozy. All that's in it is my bed, which takes up most of the room, and a dresser that I double as a drawing/writing desk. My room is the only place I can go to escape everything in my life.

I woke up to a typical morning, my thoughts from the night before still running through my head.

"Once I'm 18 I can leave this all behind." I said to myself getting out of bed. I looked at my phone. It read 4:23. I sighed and shuffled to my bathroom. I showered quick, dried my hair, curled it lightly, and walked back into my room.

I checked my phone again, 5:06. I had three hours till school started. I sat on the edge of my bed that was closest to my desk. There was no room for a chair. I took my time debating on what to wear. I chose a pair of jeans and a long sleeved black shirt and my black flats. Nothing interesting, just like me. I'm short, 5 feet, with long brown hair, skinny, and pale. I'm just a girl who can easily blend in to the wall and be forgotten. That's the way I liked it. Here I tried my hardest to stay invisible. For the most part it worked, very few people talked to me, and when they did it was always for some insult, or to ask if I wanted to lose my virginity. The plainer I looked the less noticed I was.

I heard a thump from above me. "Mama's up." I thought to myself. I left my room and walked into the kitchen. My room was the only one down stairs. It opened up to the living room/kitchen/dining room/at-home gym/bar/office. Like my room the front of the house was small and packed with too much furniture. We had a couch, a small TV, a portable cd player, Mama's box of weights and yoga mats, her cabinet of booze, papers and expired Avon products, a small table, four chairs, the normal kitchen furniture minus a stove, and a chest that held important papers and heirlooms. All of that was crammed into a 10x8 foot room.

I grabbed an orange peeled it and sat down at the table. Mama stumbled in and made a bee-line for her booze cabinet. Her cure for a hangover was drinking more.

"A little early don't you think?" I said in a monotone. She grunted in response grabbed a bottle and shot glass and sat across from me.

"You didn't sleep again." She said rather than asked. I shook my head. "I got you those pills so you would. Glad to see that was a waist of my money." She grumbled taking her first shot.

"I told you before you bought them, pills don't work Mama…" I said quietly picking at my orange. Suddenly it didn't seem good. I stood up grabbed my jacket and walked outside. It was chilly; buy not cold, perfect winter weather. There was always some family of rabbits or deer around our house. I left my untouched orange by a tree, and walked back into the house. Mama wasn't at the table, most likely in her room again. I went back in my room. There wasn't really much to do. I straightened it up last night. My bed was made, hardly slept on and all my papers were filed away in one of the many binders I had under my bed.

I grabbed my backpack, took everything out, and reorganized it. Yet again there was nothing interesting in my bag. Just a hardback notebook I got for my birthday three months ago, my text books, work clothes, and a binder full of folders. The backpack was black nothing fancy, just boring. Like me. My phone vibrated letting me know I had a text message. I reached for it and fumbled to get it off of the charger. My brother, Chris, had texted me.


I smiled and responded.

"Good night :3 How are you?"

Chris worked the night shift at a patent office in Japan. He knew what was going to come out before Japan even knew about it. He had to read through all of the patents collected that day, sort them and find business to sell to. Because of his charm, and job he knew most of the C.E.O.'s in Japan and was very good friends with them.

"KICK ASS! :D Some1 wants to try and make sunglasses that can connect 2 the internet, so u can watch porn and keep the sun out of ur I's! :D" This was typical for Chris, he was a pervert with a childlike delight.

"Sweet. I got to go to school now. Have fun with your porn glasses"

I threw my phone in my bag, grabbed my keys and bag and left for my car. "BY MAMA!" I called out at the door. I didn't wait for a response. I walked out to the most expensive thing I had ever owned, my car. Dad got me a 4wheeled something for my birthday. All I knew was it was dark green and good for snow and off road. Cars were the one thing I could never understand. I hopped in, started my car, and drove off.

School was 45 minutes away. The drive was always calm and peaceful. It may have something to do with I'm the only person who drives this far away from town at 6:45 in the morning. I hated driving with other people around. The twists and turns to get out of the higher points of the mountains can be incredibly dangerous.

I pulled up to the school in my normal spot. People were already there, but not too many. I grabbed my book and started reading. I had thirty minutes before school started. Not long after more cars started flowing into the parking lot. I ignored the yelling and horns blaring as much as I could. Ten minutes till the bell was supposed to ring I got out of my car and speed walked to the front doors.

I passed a group of cheerleaders, and they made snarky comments on my outfit, my car, and the fact that I didn't have a boyfriend. They called me a freak and ugly and some other choice phrases. This was normal for me and Trentbrook. For some reason most of the population came from California, and everyone held on to their attitudes. Anyone who was pale and poor was ugly, and untouchable.

Trentbrook had 2 high schools. One was an alternative high school, Trentbrook alternative, and the other, my school, Trentbrook high, wonderfully creative. My brothers went to the alternative along with the other "Bad eggs" Everyone started at the normal high school, but the second you did something wrong they sent you to the alternative for a year.

There isn't much to do here so shoplifting, drugs, partying, and sex were the activities of choice. The local police station was always busy, and the county jail was always occupied. The majority of Trentbrook's population was high scholars, so both schools were nearly full. There were about three neighboring towns that fed into both schools. Both schools were incredibly poor, but still had more money than the other schools, or towns for that matter, so they were the most desirable.

I quickly walked into my first class, English, before the busses from the other towns rolled in. Once everyone was here it was impossible to get around without some form of confrontation. I looked over to my normal seat to see someone already there. Jack, he had moved her in the middle of freshman year, and had been in most of my classes since. In many ways he was a lot like me. Quiet, didn't wear or do anything outstanding. He sat in the back all the time and never really paid attention. Unlike me he was extremely attractive and every girl in school flung themselves at him. He was always polite when turning them down. Other than that he was a mystery to everyone. I walked over to where he usually sat, in the opposite corner and sat down.

He looked at me with a blank look on his face. He had the brightest blue eyes I had ever seen. They glowed against his pale skin, and black hair. Today he wore a black button down shirt, and jeans. I smirked realizing we matched and looked away. The warning bell rang and students filled in to the class. Like always, no one sat in the last two rows. No one wanted to be next to me. It was bad for the image everyone tried to uphold. I pulled out a note book and started randomly doodling. After the tardy bell rang the teacher got up and unenthusiastically assigned a new book project. He passed out the books, reading schedule, and the assignments for the book. I looked at the title, "Catcher in the Rye" I sighed deeply.

"Great." I muttered. Jack chuckled and looked over at me. I glanced at him and thumbed through the assignments, nothing too difficult. This was Brian's favorite book so he read it to me at least once a year. I knew half of it by heart.

After the teacher passed everything out he went to his desk and played some game on his computer. This was pretty much a self-taught class, like most of my classes. I liked that way I could get everything done quickly and do what I wanted till the next book. Instead of re-reading the book I got a piece of paper and made a small outline to jog my memory. It may be nerdy, but it always worked. I could finish all of the assignments by Friday but make it look like I did it over time. I went back to my doodle and waited for class to be over.

I felt someone watching me. I glanced over to see Jack staring at me again. He had done that since he moved here. He never talked to me or, so I didn't mind him staring. I wondered what was so interesting about me, but I'd never ask him. He wanted to be left alone, and so did I. As long as he didn't draw attention I didn't care.

The bell rang and I left the class quickly walking to my next class, Algebra II. I sat in the back, pulled out my text book, and started to teach myself the lesson. I was about three chapters ahead of the rest of the class. I looked at the board to get the daily homework assignment and started it. After years of practice I learned to multi-task so teachers couldn't get onto me about not keeping pace with the rest of the class.

"Megga, what's the answer to this problem?" the teacher said pointing to one on the board. I held up two fingers and went back to my work. "That's… Right, I'm sorry I thought you weren't paying attention." She said embarrassed at being wrong. Murmurs rang through the class.
"I bet you think you're hot shit." One of the jocks shouted at me.

"What a freak!" Another said.

"That is enough!" the teacher said. More people whispered but I ignored them and continued my homework. This was the norm for me, for whatever reason the teacher couldn't understand that I was ahead of everyone else in the class. She prided herself on calling people out and embarrassing them in front of everyone else, but it never worked on me. I always knew the right answer.

I continued the homework. Apparently it was supposed to take an hour to complete, but I finished it in thirty minutes. Everything always took me less time to do. When all the material is understood, and nothing distracts you, everything takes half the time expected.

The bell rang and I again rushed to my next class. Genetics, Jack was in this class and sat next to me. Science rooms were smaller, but the class sizes were bigger. Every desk was filled, and in some cases over filled. Jack was already in his seat, looking at me as always. I picked up the notes, study guide, and daily assignment from the front of the room and shuffled back. This was another self-taught class only this was more involved. I read through the notes and started doing the first work sheet. This unit was on probability and was incredibly easy.

"What page were the formulas on?" Jack said quietly so only I could hear him. This was the third time he had talked to me this year. The first time was the first day of this class; he asked if he could sit in the seat next to me. I just nodded in response. The second was apologizing after he accidentally ran into me.

"324 I think." I said just as quietly.

"Thank you." He opened his book and flipped to the page. "These are due tomorrow, right?" he gestured to the assignments. I nodded.

"The study guide is due Friday." I said quietly. "Just in case you were wondering that too."

"Thank you Megga." He said and started working on the sheet I had almost finished.

Jack and me had the next two classes together but didn't have to sit together. I was slightly thankful for that. He had never been mean to me, and was always polite to everyone, but I still didn't want to draw attention to myself. Jack was one of the most talked about person in the school, and anyone who managed to get a few words out of him was lucky.

History was uneventful; we watched a movie I took notes even though it wasn't required. This teacher always put questions on tests that weren't in our required notes. He smiled at me for catching on every time he passed out a test. I got 100% on nearly every single one.

The lunch bell rang and I walked down to the abandoned performing arts hallway. Because of the lack of money the school cut performing arts completely before my freshman year. It upset me, I always loved theatre. It was always a good escape from my life. Not to mention time consuming. I walked into the dark auditorium. No one ever came there so I could eat my lunch in peace. Lunch was the worst part of the day. Everyone always asked what happened with my father, why my brothers moved, if they were crazy too, if I were crazy, why I didn't talk, and other personal stuff I didn't want to talk about. Being alone was always a better option. For the first few months of being in school I ate my lunch in the bathroom, or school library before it burned down.

I sat down on one of the chairs and pulled out my science and a bit of English homework. I finished just in time for my next class to start. We had a choice of taking health or p.e. Without a question I took Health. I was never really active. Everything was too fast for me. I'd rather do something slow like hiking or riding a bike. This was the only yearlong health class available. It went into depth on every subject, like healthy eating, preventing sicknesses, and sex Ed.

Jack was in his normal seat on the other end of the class, reading over his notes. Today we had a quiz I was more than prepared for. The teacher smiled sweetly and passed out the quiz. She was one of my favorite teachers; she was always nice and could tell some people don't want to be part of group discussions.

"1. Name 5 of the body's first responses." I almost rolled my eyes at how easy this was. I completed my quiz quickly and turned it in. As always I was the first one done. When I got back to my seat I pulled out my note book and started drawing. After everyone finished their tests the teacher graded them and passed them back. I flipped mine over to see a large red A+ that the top of it. I quickly filed my papers away just in time for the bell to ring.

My next class was art, clear on the other side of the school. Art was an easy class, way too social though. The teacher hated silence so he encouraged us to talk. I of course did as little of that as I possibly could. We worked on our sketches of a simple object. I chose an apple, but made it disgustingly rotten. I took my time finishing it, this was the one class I couldn't work on anything else in. Not to mention I enjoyed the trance like state I could get into while drawing.

The bell rang and I walked to my last class of the day, Creative writing. This was one of my favorites. It was easy, but I could make it challenging. I sat down and looked at the board. It read:

"Today's Prompt: Write a short story about your favorite "Monster"

I smiled and began writing immediately. Hands down my favorites were vampires, the most romantic killing machines known to mankind. I wrote of a vampire in the middle ages who lured young women into his trap. Surprisingly I managed to keep the blood and gore to a minimum.

Horror is a dangerous thing for me to write. With the school being more involved in my mental state that I was comfortable with anything that might suggest I was a dangerous person always caused an uproar. My Dad's reputation stuck through me and my brothers. Their behaviors didn't help me either. At any time, if not one all of them were in either the nurses office, getting patched up from a fight, in the principal's office for starting a fight, or the psychologist's office to explain why they threatened to fight someone. To say I was closely watched was the understatement of the century.

I made my way to my car and quickly pulled out of the parking lot. I always parked close to the exit for a fast getaway. The traffic was a nightmare if you waited past a certain point.

I turned my story in right as the bell rang and left headed towards the parking lot. I quickly shuffled through the sea of people making myself as small as I could. Once I reached my car I put it in gear and headed away from the school. In my rear view mirror I could see Jack at his car watching me drive away.

A.N. Hello all! :D It's been a while hasn't it? Lucky for you I'm re-writing this story to make it a lot less like a twilight knock-off. I hope you all enjoyed this chapter, and that you'll look forward to the next one coming next Sunday! Enjoy the rest of your day/week and I'll see you soon! :D