Lyrics' s tale

I have three scars, one more prominent than the others. I have a large claw mark on the right side of my face. That one is relatively easy to explain. I have another scar on my arm, a long thin knife mark, reaching all the way from my shoulder to wrist. To explain that scar I usually invent a sob story, something sad but believable. The third scar is the most intimidating, a daunting outline along my chest; although it is the hardest to explain, it is easily hidden. I am telling this so that one day, if you ever meet me, you know that you should run. Most humans first instinct is to throw themselves at me, begging for attention. I have ways of preventing and dulling this affect, so it fades to merely a strong attraction. I have only met four people who could resist these powers. One is my twin brother, Layne. The other two are my older sister Eva and her fiance, Ari. The fourth is a girl I met, ironically the one girl I want does not want me, even with the attraction.

My unique family fights a lot, and I usually side with Layne, even though him and I are exact opposites. We are identical twins, DNA proves that, but he had brown hair, and I have blond. The doctors and scientists can't explain this. I should tell you more about us, and where we came from. We are the spawn of a two genetic contributors and a rare Asian jellyfish, I kid you not. It were those materials that created the virus that now afflicts us. We are the result of what happens when people mess with the genetic plan of the universe. I guess they wanted to prove nature wrong, and that not everything must serve a purpose. We sure as hell don't have a legit reason for existing. We don't protect the world like superheroes, yet we don't terrorize it like villains. We could cause chaos or peace among the humans with our powers. I bet you wonder why we talk about humans in this sense. It's simple, we just aren't. Our DNA doesn't compare with humans. We are another breed entirely. Whenever I describe myself (usually not that often) I end up sounding like a live in a lab and drink strange liquid from test tubes, that would be far too easy. Instead my family tries to blend in and pretend that we can't throw people across the room with our mind. We lie about our battle scars and make up mundane excuses for our tattoos. We deny that we can go hours without air or breath underwater. We lie about who we are and what we can do, all just to hope to see another tomorrow.

Layne' s tale

My brother probably just left out the most important parts of our history. If he did include them he probably didn't go into detail. Lyric is like that, he has a genius level IQ but the attention span of a two year old. We are polar opposites. The only things we have in common is our last name, and even that's a dispute, since our parents had different last names. Our parents used to work in a lab. I say used to because the virus killed them shortly after it escaped. The virus is a condition that affects people only with our same genetic code, or ones very similar. The virus is made of my parents DNA and the vaporized venom of a rare jellyfish. Originally it was meant as a cure for my sister Eva's lung cancer. It was meant to heal the lung, make it even stronger than before. Shortly before it was finished there was a lab accident. Nothing big like in the comic books, just a puddle of melted snow and a clumsy lab assistant. In short, the cure (now known as the virus) escaped, infecting everyone in the lab that day, including Lyric and I. Nobody but our family was affected by it. We speculate that it is because of my parents shared DNA with us. When they came into contact with it they became violently sick, as if it was causing there body's to reject there very DNA. We can't figure out why it never killed us, or Ari for that matter. Ari is my sisters fiance, the love of her life. He also has the virus. Ari was infected because he has a very similar molecular makeup. We know this because he was the #1 match for a lung transplant for Eva. Luckily he never had to give the lung. the virus had completely healed her, with only one ill affect. Every memory she had before then was wiped out. This is because the venom of the jellyfish is a neurological poison, targeting soft brain tissue. My parents goal was to make it heal a lung. They used parts of there own lung tissue to develop it. That's how there DNA joined the battle, causing all there children's lives to be royally fucked up.