This is my third poem, and I would really want your Ideas on what you think about my poems...

The Walk of Faith

They wake up and walk to their doom
some know of the doom I fore say
but they still march
they still march
right up to their doom.

It seems the closer they get
the greater it becomes
they were only a bag and clothes as protection
but it seems the miasma seeps though
and leaves them nauseas
Some swoon but are soon awoken
for this doom plays mind games
it uses your friends as covers
as it draws you near and nearer

Those who don't know what I speak
shall not try to understand
for you have already walked into its front door
and you have been brain washed
so that you'll become a 'good little citizen'
for they fear us and use us

This is one Hell of a post
But school is nothing but more
It torture the youth
but plans our future
it laughs at us as the bell rings
for once that bell rings

You better be in for a Hell of a day
for School is your worst nightmare
but nothing like it for...
in this dream...

So I'll be waiting right here when they come for me
and with every that know of what I for say
for school...
you'll become just a trivial matter

Even though i know this poems suck Please ReviewT^T