More Like a Teen

I am the sixteen year old.

You are the adult,

So act like it.

I hate the stares of my classmates,

Who think that you are so cool

Showing off your new tattoo.

Meanwhile their parents

Stare in shock at your "audacity".

Why can't I be the teen?

I study hard,

And make good grades,

But I am not pretty enough to be noticed.

Yet, there you are

Flaunting what you got.

It should be you

Staying up all night,

Worrying about when you will get back,

Thinking of the worst

When in reality you're at your "boyfriend's"

Doing things I don't want to think about.

I used to look up to you,

And want to be like you.

I used to brag to all of my friends

About the good things that you do.

Those things don't happen anymore

Because like one of my friends said:

"I hate to admit it,

But your mom acts more like a teen

Than you."