Book Worm Billy

By: Hal99

Book Worm Billy was very

Silly, for he read books all

Day. He didn't have many

Friends at all so Billy did

Not play. Though his social

Life was bland as a rock's

He didn't mind the peace

But he really wanted to show

Them his socks made of soft

And cozy fleece. So Book Worm

Billy took he and his cozy

Socks to town, but when the

Other cool kids saw him, they

Surely put him down. They

Teased him and called him

Names that would not make

One feel great. But here's the

Part of his journey, that he

Didn't appreciate. They stole

His socks and teased them

Too, which made Billy put

On a scowl. Then he looked

At those bullies like a very

Hungry owl. Billy said,

"CAW CAW!" And…


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