The news came on at 6 today to shock my rest away.

The killings, mayhem, deceit all there; but not much else to say.

Honesty, integrity, family & friends, with all faiths they'll not survive.

All bitterness, hate and sadness rife with the fear that's all contrived.

Your colour plays no part here, your face it should be seen.

Fear and oppression, are all concealed behind a matted screen.

Coloured hair and painted face are ploys to attract and shock.

Modesty's overcome by obscenity, when will we ever stop?

Egocentric lives rule today, not thinking of another.

It's all about just "me, me, me", and nothing about your brother.

Respect has gone. No consideration of one's natural place.

You can see the sadness in some eyes; hope's lost for the human race.

Power, deceit and greed's alive,

We should hang our heads in shame.

Forget our differences, just say tough!

Why can't love be enough?