Forest fire

By toto23

One day June and Dave were walking through the forest when Dave smelled smoke he thought no problem.

The smoke kept getting closer June started to run with Dave and started to cry. What June didn't know was in Dave's pockets was a ring he thought it was the perfect time to give her the ring but why she was crying he thought.

June started to cough so bad that she needed her inhaler Dave remember that she had asthma.

They really needed to get home even though they have been dating a while Dave still needed to convert her.

The fire just kept spreading like crazy soon enough the fire was 2 feet away from them. Dave tried to cover June's mouth with a leaf and make a run for it. A leaf was the only thing he could find.

They have finally reached the road they tried to get a cab but all of them just kept passing. They had to walk home Junes house was 20 miles from the forest.

Finally a nice person stopped and let them in any way they were still together. Dave finally noticed it was time to give June the ring.

He got down on his knees and asked "June would you like to marry me?"

June said "YES"

Well finally the reached home June just started to cry.

They had their wedding on August 24 2012

And they lived happier ever after