This is my dance-

Wake up late- again. Stumble out of bed and grab a hoodie, put on pants. Braid my hair and paint on a smile, along with the face everyone sees. Slip on my boots and wipe away a tear. Take off boots and put on damn socks. Check my books and grab my music. Hide my tears. Open the door and face the day. This is my morning dance.

Get to school and find a corner. Put in headphones and ignore the world. They don't care, anyway. Go to class. Don't forget to smile. They don't care, anyway. Pick up a pen and take notes. Sit up straight. Smile. People ask. I smile, say I'm tired. They don't care, anyway. Go home. This is my school dance.

Get home, go to my room. Shut the door. Put on music. Take out books, do homework. Put books away and do more homework. Study. Diner time. Take a few bites, pretend I ate a big lunch. Put on a smile. Go upstairs. Shut the door. Study. This is my evening dance.

Unbraid my hair. Shower. Wash off my smile. Change into pajamas. Brush and re-braid my hair. Brush my teeth. Crawl into bed. Turn off the light. Curl into the covers. Cry. Go to sleep. Dream. Don't want to wake up. This is my night dance.