Arc 2: White Promise, Black Memories

Chapter 1: New Point of View

The train station didn't seem to have that much people around today. It usually never was. No one who came to this town really had a reason to leave and no one who wasn't in the town had a reason to go. The only time it was full was during school and work days, but that was only at the moment's students gone to school or adults went to work. It seemed no one new ever arrives. It seemed no one who lived there left.

Despite all of this a girl sat at a bench in the station waiting for someone to arrive. The girl was short, even compared to girls of her own age and had her brown hair in long twin tails. She is at times confused for as a child seeing as she seemed to look to be one. She was actually in high school despite what one would believe by her figure.

This girl had frequently came to this train station and sat on the bench. It was a spot she went when she wanted to be alone or just felt sad. The reason why she chose this spot was known to none, but herself and perhaps one other person. The girl had sat here this time not sad or alone, but waiting.

Time passed by slowly. It felt like an eternity for the girl. She had eventually gave up and stood up from the bench. She had actually waited three different days for this person to arrive. She didn't know when the person would come specifically, but she knew it was this week.

She started walking off, hoping that it would be the next day that the person would arrive. Before she could get very far from the bench she found herself facing three high school boys. She let out a sigh as she sensed trouble already.

"What?" She let out aggressively despite the fact she was very much shorter than the three, but not a bit of fear was in her eyes, only aggravation.

"Oh, aggressive as always aren't you?" one of them said with smile.

"What do you want?" She asked them still with aggression and annoyance.

"Ah, it seems we got you mad. We just heard you come here often," another one said also smiling.

"So?" She said not letting her guard down a single bit.

"You don't seem to have anything better to do right? Why don't you come with us," the third one said also smiling.

"No," She said instantly rejecting them and getting ready to walk off, but then one of them blocked her way.

"Aw, come on don't be like that. It'll be fun," The one who blocked her said.

The girl had got more and more aggravated. No matter how many times she denied and tried to escape they would keep pursing and blocking her. People had walking by and saw yet no one had done a single thing about it. The girl was about to handle them herself rather than going than what she originally plan, which was leaving peacefully.

But before she was about to start handling the bullies suddenly she heard someone say, "Oh, there you are. I've been looking all over for you."

The girl turned around to see a boy who most distinct aspect was his blue hair. He had seemed to be talking to the girl and before she could respond the boy quickly walked in front of the three high school students.

"It seems you were looking after her. I thank you for that, but if you don't mind could you leave now," the strange boy said.

The three high school kids were surprised by this. They didn't seem to want to put up a fight at all, so without a single word they had left. The boy let out a sigh and turned to the girl.

"That was close. Luckily they didn't try to fight me at all. Anyways are you ok?" the strange boy asked the girl with a smile.

The girl looked at this boy without a word. She had seen this strange boy somewhere before. It had shocked her to see him now at this moment. No one would but him would save her in that kind of situation.

"Hm? Is something wrong? Ah, I forgot to ask, who might you be?" the strange boy asked the girl.

This question was the like a punch to the stomach for the girl. How could the boy forget her? This was one thing she was afraid of and she knew she wasn't making the mistake of the wrong person. She had to check somehow if it was a mistake though, but she didn't know how.

"Humph, I didn't need your help," is what she responded since she was so frustrated. To be honest she was glad to have his help, but was thinking of too many bad things at once to be kind.

"That's true, sorry," the strange boy responded kindly.

This only made for awkward conversation for the girl. After being mean and getting an apology back she didn't really know how to continue talking. She decided to come up with at least something.

"Um, I haven't seen you around town. Are you new here?" the girl asked him.

"Yes I am. I actually just got here. Sadly I don't know my way around as much as I used to," the strange boy said

"Used to to?" The girl asked

"Yeah, I used to live here when I was a kid," the strange boy said, "I had moved to a private school, but came back due to family problems."

The girl wondered why the boy trusted telling her all of this so she said, "Why are you bothering to tell me about this?"

"Huh? You asked didn't you?" the strange boy said.

The girl was surprised at her own mess up. It was right that she had asked, yet she was so rude about him telling her. She had done it again, say what she thought rudely. It was a common habit of hers. She always meant well to other, it was just she often couldn't express it without being rude.

"Well, I'll see you later," the strange boy had said about to walk off.

"Wait," The girl said quickly stopping him.

"Huh?" the strange boy had let out wandering what the girl wanted.

The girl actually didn't know why she wanted him not to leave. She felt as if she need to talk to him and at the same time she also felt as if she owned him something. Either way she had to think of something to say.

"I have nothing better to do so I guess I could show you around town. After all you did save me from those three boys and I don't want to be in your debt," the girl said once again making what she said seem rude and the opposite of what she really wanted to say.

"Really? Sure, I don't mind," the strange boy responded with a smile.

"Make sure you keep up with me and pay attention," the girl said walking ahead of the boy.

"Of course," the strange boy said following the girl with a smile.

The two went around town with girl guiding and the boy following. Little conversation was made between the two of them most because of the girl not knowing the right thing to say. The two were like exact opposites. The girl seemed to be unable to say what she really meant and making it wrong, while the boy seemed to be able to say all the right things. This awkwardness had kept up for quite a while till they came by one of the local stores.

There was silence between the two for a while, but as they walked passed the store a beautiful girl with long black hair came out holding groceries in both hands. Immediately it seemed as if the girl had totally forgot about the boy and she went running at the girl who came out the store.

"Tsumi!" The girl said happily as she proceeds to hug the girl that came out of the store.

"Oh, there you are Chiharu. Where have you been?" The girl who was apparently Tsumi asked.

"I was… Oh, wait that's right," She let out as she let go of Tsumi and looked over to the boy who was still standing in place.

Tsumi looked over to see the boy also and was surprised to see who it was.

"How unexpected, I didn't expect him to come today," Tsumi let out.

From what Chiharu said, it had confirmed what she had thought. The strange boy was who she was waiting for at the train station bench. The whole time she had not wanted to believe it, but it was true. She knew this boy the boy had forgot about her completely.

"I'm sorry, but do I know you?" The strange boy had asked Tsumi.

"I see, it has been a long time so I guess you wouldn't remember me. I'm Tsumi, your older sister," Tsumi told the boy.

"Is that so? It's nice to meet you… Do you two know each other?" the strange boy asked Tsumi and Chiharu.

This confirmed about how much he forgot about the past. He knew nothing. Chiharu couldn't believe that it could possibly be true. She wanted to say something, but she was afraid it would come out wrong.

"Yes we do. Chiharu will actually be living with us, but I'd rather us talk at home, so why don't we head there," Tsumi said with a kind smile.

It was short walk to the house, but it didn't felt like an eternity to Chiharu. Tsumi and the boy talked most of way home and the most she could say were a few words. She didn't know what to say to someone who had forgotten everything. It was this way all the way to home and even a while after that. Later she and Tsumi had a private conversation.

"Aren't you glad that he's back," Tsumi had said to Chiharu happily.

"No, not at all," Chiharu had answered bitterly.

"Huh? Why not? You seemed as if you've missed him for the past year," Tsumi said to Chiharu.

"But… He's forgotten. How am I supposed to talk to him? He thinks I'm a total stranger," Chiharu had said once again bitterly.

"You can become friends with him again. I'm sure it won't be that hard," Tsumi said with a smile.

"I'm not you Tsumi, nor am I him. You know I barely can talk to people as it is. Even if I could, I'll only think of the past when talking to him…" Chiharu had responded back.

"Chiharu, you know the rules we had set up. We have to avoid thinking of back then for his sake," Tsumi had said reluctantly.

"I can't just stop thinking of it. What if one of them doesn't listen to what we said? Two of them didn't even show up when we talked about that. I don't want them hurting him or possibly abusing that. What if-," Chiharu kept opposing with anger, frustration and fear seeming to rise in her voice.

Tsumi suddenly hugged Chiharu. Chiharu was at first surprised, but then she went silent.

"Chiharu, please, I'm trying to do the best for him and everyone else agreed on it. He'll be safe, trust me," Tsumi had said calmly and mother like.

"I… I just don't want to lose him again," Chiharu had said in a saddened voice.

"Don't worry, you won't," Tsumi had told Chiharu.

The day had ended peacefully after that moment. Not a single thing had gone wrong for anyone, but yet in this town where no one old leaves and no one new arrive, someone had arrived after leaving it for a long time.

Memories are remembered for everyone, but this for one person. Memories are kept for everyone, but for this one person. Memories are told for everyone, but for this one person.

Friendships are broken. Promises are broken. Hearts are broken.

The tragedy starts anew, but who it starts with never changed.

The boy that arrives, the boy that memories are not given to, the boy who breaks everything, and the boy who triggers the tragedy, is known as Jin Kurokami.

TO Be Continued...

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