An Unfortunate Exchange

Part 3 Chapter 3

The two mobs arrived at the streets of District 6. The Donors huddled against the edge of civilization, where resilient nature had begun to regrow itself. One robotic eye peered out from the dark at the mediator who aprouched them. The rest of the officers remained behind him, guns ready but not aimed.

Jeremiah extended his hand as if to an animal. His palms were different sizes, his arms two different colors. Upon the same side as the pallor arm gleamed a grey eye. "We don't want to hurt you." He claimed. "We are capable of pardoning your exchanges." He lowered himself to one knee. "We will take you back home."

At first there was a long silence between the two groups. Eyes locked, tension thick in the air. The smell of smoke and ash still loomed. And then it happend.

A timid chuckling came from behind the trees. It fluttered over the space between them and then it grew. Before long the chuckling reached the point of hysterics and neither group knew quite what to do. Between gasping and that joyful sound James rubbed at tears that were forming in his one true eye and he remembered.

Jerimiah removed a black hand gun from his coat pocket and fired three shots at the smileing young man. The finger that pulled the trigger was Isaac's, but the eye that saw James fall was his own.


The four hands lifted from the piano keys at once, and together they looked over their shoulders. In the white room behind them stood an army, all clad in white medical clotheing. Both boys cast one another a side glance, as a smirk lifted Gaylord's cheek. Upon his shoulder sat the white rat.

The End