The murmurs I hear

As I sit in a simple chair

I try to place a shield

To block the murmurs and whispers

The little voices that I hear

To block self doubt

To block out my insecurity

To block out the pain

From entering into my self confidence

Into my inner thoughts

Into my self esteem

The shield though it's cracked

It keeps standing still

It stands straight

And prevents me from me

From hurting myself

From hurting others

As the conscience becomes wiser

With its thoughts strong as stone

It both breaks my shield

And build it back up

Each shield growing stronger

And the problems become smaller

But soon I cannot depend

On the metaphoric shield

That I've placed around me

But to become my own shield

To stand up against fears

To stand up in front of myself

And say that I'm important

That the problems that I face

Is nothing but building blocks

That builds my wall

A wall that doesn't block others

But one with a gate to let them in