Won't Be The Same

Lenny Shouse is the new kid in town. He's seventeen, and in eleventh grade. He has one five-year-old brother, Noah; and a twenty-three-year-old sister, Natalie, that is married to a nice looking guy, Mike Wolf. Lenny likes Mike being his brother-and-law. He's funny, smart, likes being around kids, not to mention that their expecting their first child in about two more months. Lenny just hopes that Mike stays with Natalie forever and ever. He probably would though.

Lenny's life has been extremely hard, because his parents had a bad car accident one year ago. It was winter, and they were driving to a business meeting. They didn't want to go, but had to. The roads were all covered in white fluffy snow, and very slippy. They drove very slowly, so they would be careful and not crash, but, when their car lost control, they slid around on the road, and bang! They crashed right into a truck. It's very sad for Lenny, Noah, and Natalie.

Now, he has to take care of Noah, watch out for him, be very protective, give him support, and that isn't always easy, but it gets him ready if he ever has a wife and kids of his own someday. He tries to be a good loving and caring big brother.

Lenny's also the new kid in town. He made friends with these four boys, Justin, Matt, Jason, and Kyle. They're punks that's always getting in trouble, picking on little kids, but Lenny doesn't know that. He only knows that they are his friends, but he's going to find out who they really are...

Justin, Matt, Jason, Kyle, Lenny, and Noah were all at the South-Side Park, sitting on at a picnic table eating lunch and talking.

"More. More!" Noah held his hand out.

"You want more bread?" Lenny asked.

"Yes. Yes!"

"Here you go." Lenny smiled and handed two slices of bread to him.

Just then Lenny's pager beeped. He looked at it and said, "Uh, guys, I've got to go to work. So, would you guys watch Noah for a couple of hours? I mean, if it's not a problem." He needed to work if he wanted to take care of him and Noah.

"No, it's not a problem at all." All of them say.

"You sure?"

"Yeah. It's cool."

"Lenny, where are you going?" Noah asked.

Lenny got up off the bench and kneeled down to Noah. "I'm going to work."

"But, you always work. Can't you stay here?" Noah asked with tears in eyes, ready to cry.

"Noah, don't worry. I will be back in about an hour or so."

"But, who's going to watch me? Natalie?"

"No, my friends are going to watch you."

"But, what if you come back at night?" Noah asked through tears.

"I won't come back at night. It'll only take a few hours."

Noah hugged him. "Bye. Love you. Be careful."

Lenny hugged him back. "You, too."

Lenny got back up and walked over to his friends. "Guys, I am trusting you to take good care of my brother. I mean it."

"We will."

"Really? Promise?" Lenny raised one eyebrow.

"Really. You can trust us. We're your friends."

"I'm trusting you." Lenny repeated as he walked to his car and drove off.

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