It's 1:00 in the morning
and you're not home.
And that means one thing...
I'm here alone.

I usually use this time
to cut or bleed,
but tonight that isn't
what I need.

Tonight I need
to sit here and cry.
No, not even sit here
and watch my life pass me by.

Just sit here and think
about my life.
No, not even think
about picking up the knife.

Think about the time
I almost died.
Think about the time
Alyssa lied.

Think about the time
Jake left me.
Think about the time
scarred was all I could be.

Tonight I'll sit here and cry
until I can't breathe.
No, I won't get high,
cut, or bleed.

I'll sit here and remember,
you never want to forget.
Because if you forget
you'll soon regret.

You'll forget the smiles,
the laughs, the tears.
You'll forget the good parts
of the worst years.

You'll forget your motivation,
the little hand that held yours,
you'll forget when someone told you
there's always more doors.

You need to remember.
You shouldn't forget.
Forgetting is something
I promise you'll regret.

So tonight I'll remember,
and sit here and cry.
Not cut or bleed,
not live nor die.

Just remember.