Dark blood

Chapter 1:

"Don't ever touch me…"


"Because my heart isn't poor…My soul isn't very bad…Don't touch me…"

"Yukko chan…?"

"I gave you all my life, all my good, now I'm only demon with deadly wicked desires . Please stay away from me, okay?"

"Yukko…what're you saying? You is always my sister."

"Your sister was crushed to death in a mill. Yukko here but didn't exist anymore. You can touch me just because we are twins."

"But even so I will definitely protect you! You are my sister,forever and ever ! I only have a litter sister Yukko! Please do not disappear once again. If you want to go, I will follow you!"

"I'm the Queen of Hell now, I can't go back anymore. Keep my image in the past and forget me in the present. At some point, you will feel lucky because I'm not your sister anymore…Yuki onii chan…"

He still remembered the tears and the painful voice of his twin sister. Yukko's smile was still the same…the only thing…


Why things happened like that?

Why all the twins are said to be bad luck?


Why did only Yukko have to die?

Why only was he chosen to continue to live?


Hundreds of years have passed…

Destiny wheel keeps on turning…

But the soul has fallen into darkness forever will never live a normal life…

Tears fell forever couldn't return to those beautiful silver eyes anymore…

Moonlight night etched in the hearts of selected to live bright the red blood and

brilliant smile…

Moonlight night etched in the hearts of dying the tears of pain and silver eyes…

Do not blame…

Do not hate…

It is simply something called fate…

Destined for the twins suffering…

Yukko sitting on cherry blossom branches, looking at the endless night sky. She smiles…As the twins always bring misfortune? Perhaps that is the truth. Didn't now she was going to do it?


Now Yuki is sought to destroy her, right?

What are destroyed by Yukko…

They are all created by Yuki…

She doesn't regret died for Yuki, just can't understand why the person she loved the most can help those who had wanted to put him in the blender to crush…

He had forgotten that she died for him?

May at the time she was screaming in pain, Yuki didn't hate at all?

If so…

Yukko will make him remember feeling lost the person he loved the most. She can't let Yuki forever immersed in the happiness of humans. May one day he will become like them? How much the twins will be destroyed? The children aren't guilty of anything…Just because adults always proved understanding so the children are killed painfully and unjustly. Why did they worship those gods who can calmly watched the tiny being die such as painful way?

If Yuki seen what they do is right…

Yukko will destroy all these things!

Unless Yuki back next Yukko.

Yuki stood under the cherry, suffering eyes looked into the endless night sky. He closed his eyes…The twins always been a sign of bad things will happen. Perhaps that's true. Because isn't he and Yukko are making the bad things really happen?


Didn't now it was he who brought the worst to Yukko?

What are destroyed by Yukko…

They are all created by Yuki…

He does not regret repeatedly trying to save the lives of Yukko, just can't understand why Yukko do all the terrible things like that while she was each die once instead of he…

Did she regret?

May when being crushed by the mill, she felt that he wasn't worth her die?

If so ...

He'll try to love Yukko to compensate for the pain, because Yukko sister. He couldn't for Yukko forever immersed in desire want killing vandalism. May one day she will become the devil? How many more villages will be destroyed? These people guilty of nothing…Just because adults kill her so Yukko now become such a hysterical hatred. They only believe in gods who they worshiped taught that even the gods completely not interested tiny innocent creatures have to die for their laws.

Yuki ask himself that what is his choose…

Yukko or other people?

Cold moon looked down horrific scenes on the ground. Blood splashed everywhere, corpses are piled, houses are burned, ravaged. Only one persondo it ...

A demon.

It is easy to think the devil is an angel.

But even if concealed by outward holiness, its nature is evil.

A devil never become angels.

Because it is the devil, an angel has immersed herself in the dark.

Devil that's just a little girl about 13 years old.

Platinum hair.

Silver eyes.

Skin as white as snow.

In white costumes as well.

If the child does not kill, people will think it's definitely fake from the sky. No, it is really also a messenger came from the sky. But although it came from the sky, it isn't a good messenger.

A dead creatures that shouldn't exist in this world."

"How does it feel to kill them all? - A voice behind evil."

"How? - Demons smiled. - Do not ask me how or why. I am not easily softened guy just because some people are weak, mage game."

" Really?"

"You understand what that means. You do not like those who only see things with the eyes of them trivial. As a mage, you must know how I hate people."

"Yes, I know you. - The mage smile, walk to the front of the devil. It's a boy about 13 years old, with a scar on his left cheek."

"Of course. I'm very famous in your wizard circle."

"A demon disguised as an innocent girl. But if you experience any unpleasant who will kill without mercy, except…"

"The twins. - Demons nodded. - I always let the twins go, even if I know they will hate me and find the way to kill me. But…so, everyway are useless."

"But we don't know that our hatred of them is the power to do you exist?"

- You're mistaken. I do not exist by our hatred of them.

- So, so what?

- I exist by my hatred of ourselves. You know everything I did.

"Yes. It happened quite a long time. There are a pair of twins were born in a village in the valley. But unfortunately for them, there is a rule of fear, is when the twins were born, bad luck will surely come. Because of this, one of two kids had to be killed, and usually people always choose to sacrifice a girl. But, in the words of a prophet through the village at that time, the little girl is a child with a mental power, it has the power of god, so shouldn't kill it. Therefore the villagers are confused, as if to let the children live, something very bad will occur, soon or late. They went decided to give the two children will live to the age of 7 and then decided to kill one. When two children 7 years old, because the boy did not get god force, so be chosen to die. But the little girl could prophetic by god its power, so she knows it, and died for his brother. Then the boy, can not understand why, could use mental power, and he hides the fact that her sister had died for it. A few years later, when the boy was 13 years old, it's away from the village, used god power to hide himself."

"Little girl. - Demons continued. - After being crushed by the mill, her soul living on his brother, so his brother can use divine power. Until her brother away from the village, she spun off as a separate being, existed because of the hate and life itself in his brother."

"Did you just say in your brother?"

"That's right, but you also don't try to go see my brother in vain to do. Even if he die, I won't die."

"I never intended to kill people."

"But of course, my brother wasn't human. We have lived through many times, you also know."

"But he is different from you, Yukko. Yuki is still a human being. Although a bit unusual but he is still human."

"You think so? Just a little unusual? Even if Yuki existence leads to my existence?"

"Yuki no errors in it."

"So that you, the fault is in me?"

"I don't think so, but obviously you can't be considered innocent people."

" I just simply revenge."

"Then what will you have?"

"An old question, but I've heard many times. I don't need anything in it. Just feel satisfied, and the lives I stole enough to compensate the crimes they cause, then I'll stop. Whether human and flood mage have tried to kill me, all of them can't stop me."

- So why that day you chose to die instead of your brother, while you supposed to live? You can choose life, so that everything goes according to its orbit.

- There is no if, mage game, only been. I'm not the type who like to think about what has done in the past. Whether I have divine power, I can not change the flow of time.

- So may I know why you would choose death? The person you love the most are hunting you to kill. Do you regret died for him?

- There is no reason to have done so. Whether I or Yuki must die that day, in the end everything will still, no change. Everything is should of course, not random.

- One last question?

- Okay.

- Why don't you attack me? I certainly don't belong to the twins that you can be forgiven, right?

- Then why did you not attack me?

- Because I'm not your opponent.

- That was my answer there. - Devil smiled, a smile as cold as ice. - Well, okay, a law professor, I'm not free to sit with you forever. Now I have to go there. Message to my brother that next time, please send a negotiator better than you. If not, direct Yuki to meet me also. Goodbye.

- You know Yuki asked me to come here?

- I thought you might look at things a little differently compared to flood often, but it turns out people just like them. So listen well, I didn't kill you because I need you convey to my brother, if he choose to stop and stand on the human side, it also means that he is destroying some part of the last human in me.

Then the devil double wings and soared high into the sky, white wings, but spread to places where it flew over the black feather fibers. The wizard sighed. He actually doesn't understand why she became like that. She also hate anything after hundreds of thousands of years long painful? Moreover, her village, and those who keep things scary concept where the twins are also still alive? So why? It seems that she loves his brother, but…for whatever reason that her brother tried to make it hurt? Hatred to a point must inevitably be dashed? Even Yuki has changed…He has changed since see Naria hime…

"Alasta!" - Yuki hurried to ask the wizard. – "Where is Yukko?"

"Your sister was gone."

"Yukko didn't want to see me so?"

"Not you, Yuki. She was so angry I and left."

"So…? Well…this village, Yukko sabotage, too."

"Maybe so, when I went to…"

"Okay Alasta, you don't need to explain further, I understand that. Yukko is my sister…"

"Yuki, do you ever feel wrong to choose the person, not your sister?"

"I never choose between human and my sister, Alasta. Even though they have to choose, I will select my sister, not people, because to me, Yukko is everything."

"So why don't you go to with your sister's side right now?"

"I don't know why. But you wonder what to do?"

"Simply, because I want to know, if you have to choose between Yukko and Naria hime, who will you choose?"

"I've told you, I would choose Yukko."

"You're still determined to say that despite in fact that you are protecting people and confront Yukko?"

"Have I claimed that I confront my sister, Alasta?"

"Okay, I'm sorry."

Alasta mantra, for the moment, he disappear. Between villages ravaged is only remaining Yuki. He frowned. It seems that he always tried to protect ever suspected him. Are they feel he is one who should be eliminated? Because they are afraid that one day he would betray them? Yukko…she were considered evil, and he is the general blood stream. He have never denied it as Yukko always is cute sister that he loved the most, no matter what happens. But if he had to choose between Naria and Yukko, who will he choose…? What will he have to do with love for Naria and his only sister?

Yuki really doubt his feelings. Him true love Yukko or just feeling guilty and guilty for letting his sister die instead of becoming a demon? Actually…with Yuki, Yukko is nothing but the? Whether he has always told himself that Yukko is the world of him, but he still can not leave Naria. He loved Naria…but for Yukko …for Yukko…

He started…


- Brother…I'll hurt…But everything will be over in no time. You are the person that I love the most, so I will definitely protect you.

- But Yukko, you can't die for me. I'm your brother, I never cowardly.

- But if you die, I will never see you anymore. But about me…because I have mental capacity, so I can continue to live with you. Brother…You could lose all memories of you after you die even if you is reborn, but I don't. With divine power, I will forever remember you.

- Yukko…

- Do not worry, we are very similar, so no one found out. That even if people find out the truth, in the end they will feel killing a child is more than enough.


Innocence in words returned in the past. He remains remember Yukko of that day. A pure and innocent sister, her sister always love him, always makes him everything he thanks, always give him everything he want, always makes him smile…even if it made Yukko injury. She did everything for him…

Yuki back to the castle. He is currently bodyguards of Naria, whom he loved. She always just see him as a friend, a close friend, but he doesn't like. He of Naria voice, her smile, blond hair bobbing and her tenderness. Naria is a princess, and so she has an engagement with neighboring prince, he knows that. This is nothing less than marriage itself, Naria won't be able to be happy, but he could do nothing other than. He is just one of her bodyguards, he couldn't speak to ask the King to stop this conduct of marriage. More…her time and his time are completely different. Whether she is in just 13 years old, and his appearance can be adjusted to your liking, but he is no longer human. Together with Yukko, he has existed for many years, in his concept of time and age have completely ceased to exist. Even when he tried to kill himself, his life has not ended. Covenant he made that year was permanently etched deep in body and soul, making you even tried to delete still can not make it fade. Every night, when the pain and despair of Yukko, from somewhere in the world transmitted to him, his heart throbbing cold. He felt pain because his sister was crying. He want to know why, he want to find out who dared to cause for Yukko damage to make him disappear forever in this world, but that is absolutely not as easy as he thought. Every time you intend to use mental power to search Yukko, the convention inside him again burst forth burned him like the flame of a fire. The pain was…Yukko probably not suffered every time you want to come with you?

You do not understand…

Do not really understand…

If such a pain, why Yukko not with him? Whether can't heal, but he is always ready to embrace Yukko and fulfilling his sister…

So for whatever reason?

"What are you doing Yuki?" - Naria held on hand a basket wetta, right in front of the door to open. – "I'm in?"

"Hi, Naria, please come." - Yuki replied."

"Well. Do you remember Yukko? - Naria sit down."

"Maybe so."

"She's with you so important, right?"

"Sorry Naria…"

"Why are you sorry?"

"Because I always make you sad."

"No Yuki. I'm very happy with you!"


"Because I always rest assured that you will protect me in any situation."

"Naria…Do you really think like that about me?"

"Of course." - Naria smile, beautiful smile, such as early morning dew, fragile but magical reflective colors from light.

"Thank you."

"But…Yuki, you will not go anywhere?" – Narria bent look shopping wetta on the hands, blushing. – "I want you to promise…"

"That is all for you?"

"Ah…yes. For all know I like wetta should have moved to the suburbs, though I have to say people do not need to do that ..."

"Because everyone loves you."

"Well…I want to tell you a few things…but can you promise not to laugh?"



"Ahhhhhhhh!" - Naria turn standing up. – "It's time for dinner then, I have to go now, if not my parents would be worried."

"And Naria, you can go into that tomorrow. I will wait for you."

"Yeah, so I'm on here."

Naria rushed out of the Yuki house with red face. Although Naria know Yuki not understand what she was about to say, but just well enough to make her feel ashamed. Not know Yuki has accepted her no more. But gradually…Naria go slow…Yuki still loves his sister like that? Whether the girl that always makes him miserable? She didn't understand, ever, next to Yuki is only her, so that why he has never seen her more than a friend? He considered Yukko the world, but didn't allow her to take a small position in his world…That makes for Naria hurt. His father has said that she will be married at the age of 15. Just two more years…Two years…But before that, she wanted something to save hers in the hearts and minds of Yuki. He unlike her, he is not human, she knew it…However, her feelings will not change. For Yuki…

But he always thought of Yukko…

Always only Yukko…

She cann't seem to be even a small part in his heart…

She doesn't know herself how she understood the feeling of Yuki, but she still could not suppress his own pain.

"Why don't you try asking brother does he love you?" - A girl is very similar to Yuki appeared before Naria. But she didn't take much time to realize who it was. It definitely could just be…

"Yukko Shinigami."

"Nice to meet you, Naria hime."


(To be continued)