I Will Remember

I will remember your laugh,

I will remember your smile,

I will remember the shimmering in your eyes,

When you tried so hard to hid it,

I will remember your tears,

I will remember your pain,

I will remember your strength,

When you defeated those things,

I will remember your kindness,

I will remember your joy,

I will remember empathy,

For all living things,

I remember your anger,

I remember your hate,

I remember that you are human,

And you feel those types of things,

I remember your face,

I remember your eyes,

I remember the slant of your nose,

The dimple in your chin,

I remember running in the Spring,

I remember swimming in the Summer sun,

I remember leaf piles and school days with your in the Fall,

I remember hot chocolate on cold Winter nights,

All these nights and days with you I remember them all,

I remember dreaming of days yet to come,

I remember looking at the past,

I remember living in the moment with,

The best times of all,

I remember that your words could make me doubt,

I remember your words could make me soar,

I remember the one's that made me cry,

I remember the one's that made me laugh,

I remember the one's that made me angry,

I remember the one's that fill me with joy,

Every word, every emotion is still with me,

I remember your left me behind,

I remember the first time it was your choice,

I remember your regret,

I remember the second time your were taken from me,

Ripped from from this world just for being brave,

I remember my last moment with you,

I remember your last call,

I remember the last time I heard your voice,

Not knowing it was the last time,

I remember all these things,

Even though it was so long ago,

I remember your gone forever,

I will remember everything you were,

I will remember everything you were meant to be,

I remember every detail of your life when it touched mine,

For if I remember all these things then you are still alive.