Closet Trouble

By: Hal99

I opened up my eyes. CRASH! There it was again. I hopped off of my bed walking swiftly through the dark, trying not to step on anything on my way.

The closet.

It was coming from the closet. I felt my way around the room. "Dang it. Where's the door knob?" I approached the closet. Nervous as I could possibly be.

I started to wrap my fingers around the door knob when CRASH! Another object fell to the ground. My hand on the door knob that was seemingly impossible to twist when your hands are sweaty from the nerves.

I can hear every sound I made by each hand rotation. CLICK, CLICK! Pulling the door toward my worried self, I could only imagine what kind of monster was rummaging through my closet.

My heart was thumping like a metronome. I pulled the door open completely. I screamed "Ha! GOCHA!" But alas, there was nobody in my closet.

What the what? I wasn't satisfied with the unanswered question of what the heck was pushing my closet stuff on the ground.

I turned on the lights. Ouch. I hate when it's super dark then someone turns the lights on and your eyes hurt like crap.

So, I walked back to the closet to see a giant chicken nugget pushing all of my stuff on the ground. "Oh good! It's just a nugget! Phew!" So the chicken nugget flew home to his undersea cave and I went back to sleep.

The End