The Break in

Hal sat in the car his hands gripping the wheel ready to pull away at the hint of the cops. He was tense they all were. "Ed's taking his sweet fucking time!" He muttered voicing his complaints to the two others in the car.

"Tell me again why Ed thought this a good idea will ya!" Dyl replied voicing his own complaints.

Hal glanced at Dyl's pockmarked face in the mirror. "Ed says this place is empty about this time of the month. He reckons they're these new age dickheads. Ya know dancing in the woods 'n screwing each other."

A stirring in his pants made him uncomfortable at the thought of naked women. "You can see only a few lights at the top of the building." He paused looking up the street and down before speaking again. "Ed cased the place twice. He says hit it tonight."

"So you believe all that crap about dancing in the moonlight?" Dyl asked.

"Na, loada shit that. What I do know is that the dealer won't take anything bulky so cash, cards and jewellery ok?"

"Yeah!" Dyl replied.

Hal was yet to hear a sound from the third member of the gang then he wasn't so sure about this one but Ed seemed to know him and that's all that mattered to him. They continued to wait the tension stretching tempers thin. Hal began to have his doubts. Robbing the odd convenience store was ok but to take on a whole apartment block was something new and to Hal over ambitious.

"What if they've got guns?" Dyl remarked.

"Got that in hand!" the third member suddenly remarked startling Hal. He patted his bulging pocket.

Hal held his tongue he was sure had heard rumours about this man something involving rape and beatings. He began to think this whole episode was getting them into something way over their heads.

There was movement at the side of the building all three in the car tensed. Hal recognised Ed by his walk.

"Ed?" Hal said rolling down the window.

"Shit this place is crying out to be robbed!" Ed stated excitement glittering in his eyes.

"How so?"

"The back door's a joke even a child could open it!"

"The alarms?"

Ed chuckled. "There ain't."

Instead of being happy with the news Hal had started to have dark thoughts. Things were too good to be true. Something was bound to go wrong, it often did. They exited the car cautiously darting across the road to the shelter of the darkened alley. The alley was clean of the normal debris and graffiti free. In Hal's opinion too clean it felt more like a set up than ever.

"I don't like this!" He muttered.

"Shut the hell up!" Ed barked. "The door's here!"

Hal could see the door wasn't anything remarkable. It had a handle where there should have been a doorknob. Ed leaned close and fiddled with a lock. The door swung open. They all stepped back as a curiously doggy odour assailed them.

"Dogs?" Hal said anxiously.

"Never saw a sign of them."

"Perhaps they took them with them?" Dyl suggested.

"Yeah more than likely they being the sort that like animals."

Unbidden the thought of naked women cavorting with dogs came to Hal's mind he pushed the thought down and concentrated on the task in hand. The corridor was narrow and unadorned, a set of steps lead down to the basement. They halted at the entrance Ed took charge.

"Dyl go down and cut the phone wire and any alarms you find. You know what to do!"

"And us?" Hal asked.

"Joey does the heavy if we're challenged."

Joey nodded reassuringly but all it did was make Hal uneasier. They continued into the lobby. Hal examined the door out. The doors were more robust and had sophisticated locks and were alarmed. A set of stairs backed the lobby but there seemed to be no elevator. Hal wasn't looking forward to along climb up the stairs. Slowly and quietly they crept upwards to the landing. A number of doors led away from the stairwell. Ed chuckled as they reached the first of them.

"Come on this too easy!" He remarked pointing to the door. "No lock!"

Hal held his breath as they crept into the apartment. All it took was one look and to Hal the place was empty. Ed insisted that they search the place. All they found was clothes in one closet and blankets on the floor of what could be called the bedroom. Hal began to worry. Trust Ed to pick and empty building.

Back outside the argument started up.

"Let's get out, this place is a wash out!" Hal moaned.

Ed regarded his coldly. "I'd never taken you as yellow."

Hal shrugged. "That's as maybe. I'm getting a bad feeling about this place, real bad."

"Cluck, cluck!" Joey mocked Hal.

Ed headed things off before things came to blows. "We'll split up. Hal take the next floor and Joe…" His voice trailed off as a scream echoed below them. "Joey go see what that was."

"That sounds like Dyl?" Hal whispered.

"Get a fucking grip of yourself." Ed told him. "Get the hell up the stairs, if you're that fucking scared just do the floor then get out!"

Hal searched the floor every door he opened the same thing barely furnished rooms and nothing of any value. He stood on the stairs contemplating his next move. There was no sound from any of floors below. That had him worried he was sure he heard the sound of crashing furniture earlier but now nothing. It was silent as a grave and just as chilling. Not wanting to face Ed's anger he took the stairs up and froze. A sound made him look up. In the dim light a woman stood with a baby on her hip. She was dark skinned, her gaze sorrowful. A 'dog' hunched at her side growling menacingly. There was no mistaking the hate in the animal's eyes.

"Look Miss I don't want trouble."

The woman replied hitching the child high on her hip. "You should run while you still have the chance."

"What?" Hal uttered totally surprised. The woman didn't sound scared, in fact her words seemed to be filled with sadness. "I've got friends!" He stated boldly.

"They'll be dead by now. If you run you may have a chance. If I were you I wouldn't stop they like to hunt."

Hal shivered there was something in what she said that made him go cold inside. He fled down the stairs. At the bottom he slipped in a puddle on the floor. He could smell the stench of blood in it. He panicked and ran for the main doors for all the good it did him he might had been pushing against a brick wall. Vainly he hammered on the door and screamed at the top of his voice. He turned swiftly heading towards the narrow corridor that lead to the back door. A small rectangle of light showed him where it was. He ran the door loomed up in front of him his hand reaching for the handle. He felt something sharp against his leg pulling him down twisting as he fell, his last sight before he died was slavering jaws going for his throat.