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On with the story!

February 14, 2013

11:46 p.m. PST

About a mile outside of Rossville, Washington

Oh god, I feel like I'm made of wet cement. After a few moments, I manage to stretch and yawn, working myself into a semi-sitting position on my hospital cot.

Richard must have brought me here. Even though I'm sure it's late at night (as the clock above the door tells me), I still feel pretty much dead. I notice that Richard is slouching in a folding chair next to me, back in civilian clothes. His head is tilted up to the ceiling, his body relaxed into a light (and very uncomfortable looking) sleep. There's a styrofoam cup of water on the folding table next to me. I take it in both hands and drink all of it. When I try to replace it, it's too close to the edge and topples over, rolling on the floor. I stare at it for a few seconds. I really don't feel like getting it. I don't exactly trust my legs to hold me up just yet, given that I used a spell that would've killed me without Griffin's energy.

God damnit. Is Griffin alright? I probably would have been told if he was dead, but I should probably check… I take a moment to settle my emotions before reaching over and poking Richard in the shoulder a few times. His face scrunches up a little, but he manages to stay asleep.

"Richard…" I call in a light singsong voice. "It's time to wake up…"

He lifts his head and blinks at the florescent lighting, straightening in his chair. "Oh, good, you're awake." He mumbles groggily.

"Can you get the cup that's down there?" I gesture vaguely to the floor. "I don't know if it's a good idea for me to try and get it myself."

"It really isn't." He agrees, reaching down and retrieving it. "How long have you been up?

"Just a few minutes." I explain, lying down again and rolling over to my side to face him. "How long have I been asleep?"

"Well, I got you back here around quarter of six, so most of the day. It's still the fourteenth, but only for like twelve more minutes." Richard informs me.

"That's so cliché." I mutter, covering my face with my hand. Richard raises an eyebrow, about to interject. "Valentine's Day." I clarify. His face turns red. I turn my face into the pillow with another mortified groan.

"So… we had our first kiss on Valentine's day?" Richard surmises with an awkward laugh. Without looking, I reach out a hand and weakly try to hit him in the shoulder.

"You don't have to say it out loud…" I mumble, my voice muffled by the pillow. "I'm never going to hear the end of this."

"You said you didn't care." He counters playfully.

I pick my head up to glare at him. "I was delusional." I tell him. "I didn't realize that it's the fourteenth until just now."

"So you regret it then?" Richard asks, still in a joking manner, but I can detect undertones of insecurity.

"No, it's just I know that if John or any of our friends find out, they'll make fun of us." I try to explain.

"Well, Alecia, John, Marcel, and Eric were there, not counting a bunch of adults, so I'd say it's just a touch too late for that." Richard shrugs.

"Seriously?" I groan in annoyance. I'll hear about this during lunch.

"Yeah." He sighs, shifting in his chair.

I decide to turn the conversation back to why I woke Richard up in the first place. "Is Griffin… Is he okay?"

"He's alive, and he should be fine given time to recover. But he was already pretty weak when he was hit, unlike you, who had a lot of his energy." He glances at the clock. "Really, it's kind of surprising he's even still alive."

"What, is he comatose or something?" I demand, sitting up.

"No, it's not that bad, and don't even think about getting up to go look for him. The doctor's only letting medical personnel around him right now, and I know he's on an IV because they can't wake him up to drink anything."

I can't help but feel guilty. "It's all my fault, isn't it?"

"What are you talking about?"

"I killed Priscilla, so she came back as Death. And then Griffin lost his sorcery because of Death, and then Death kept trying to get revenge on me for killing her in the first place, and then I took all of Griffin's energy just so I could survive." How did I not notice sooner?

Richard sighs. "It's not your fault, Owen. If it wasn't her, someone else would've been Death."

"But they wouldn't have been here." I flop back down on the bed. "God, I'm tired."

"Well, Griffin's going to be fine. So you don't have to worry."

"I'm going to have to change my name and costume after that whole kissing thing, though. I don't think I could stand it if people stopped taking my hero activity seriously."

"Hey. We're still human, aren't we." Richard teases, sticking his tongue out childishly at me. "Humans have emotions."

"It was still really unprofessional." I tell him, trying to stay serious despite his teasing.

"True," He rubs his hand on the back of his neck, "next time we should probably try for somewhere more private."

I smile at his suggestion. "So there will be a next time?" I wonder aloud.

"Yeah, unless you've changed your mind over the course of the day. I've thought of a new name for you, by the way." Richard glances around the room, suddenly nervous.

"I haven't and what is it?" I'm curious to know what kind of name Richard came up with, seeing as he volunteers at a museum dedicated to superheroes. Maybe he got some inspiration from there?

"What if you go by Athena?" He suggests. "No one's been called Athena before, and it makes sense, because she had magic and was an archer according to the myths."

"I should name myself after a moon goddess?"

"… Yes?"

"Do you think I'm worthy of the name?" I muse, smirking at him.

"Why not?" He shrugs. "It's not like you're actually claiming to be a god."

"True." I nod. I think about the name he suggested for a minute, wondering if it really fits me before nodding again. "I like the name."

"That's great! Mostly because I had no other ideas if you didn't like that one." Richard sighs in relief. "So now that you have a new name, what do you think about us…?"

"I think we should try doing this dating thing. Maybe starting with an actual date." I glance over at Richard with a smirk.

A giant grin spreads across his face. "So you're saying you want to be my girlfriend?" He looks so excited.

"Yeah." I can't help but be amused at his enthusiasm.

Richard glances at the clock in the room. "Good thing it's after midnight. Otherwise we'd be getting teased for getting together on V-day."

"We're getting teased anyway. and we kissed on Valentine's day, so that's bad enough." I point out, frowning at this fact.

"I know, but at least they can't tease us about anything more than that." Richard says.

"That's enough material for months in their opinion!" I exclaim.

"Then I guess we'll have to get some blackmail material to use against them." Richard smirks at my overreaction. "Then we can troll them right back."

"Great plan." I can't tell if he's being sarcastic or not.

Richard stands up and stretches. I hear his spine crack. "Hey, uh, while I'm here, do you need anything? My dad's making me sleep in my own bed tonight."

I shake my head, cringing a little at the sound his back makes. "I think I'm just going to go back to sleep and try to get my energy back."

"Alright. If you need help or anything, you could probably yell and someone would hear you." He hesitantly steps closer.

"I'll be fine." I reassure him, taking his hand and dragging him a little closer, sitting up again in the process. "Go home before your dad has a heart attack."

After a second of hesitation, Richard leans down and we kiss slowly. (Neither of us has really figured it out yet.)

"Good night, Athena." He teases. "I'll probably come around in the morning."

"It's morning now." I yawn. "I'll see you later today."

He leaves, flicking out most of the lights behind him.

Only then do I realize that I haven't covered up my scar. I never redid the spell. I guess that wasn't a major turn-off for him.

I smile at the ceiling. I'll leave it like that for now. I shouldn't waste the energy.

Author's Note: So that was the epilogue of Athena. I hope you guys liked it. I think that the end was really cute. What do you think, FE?

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