Chapter 1:

"But Grandpa Joe! You can't do this!"

Principal Joe Clinton shifted in his seat. "I'm sorry Alexis, but it's got to be done; you need an education and my school is the nearest place there is."

Alexis stamped her foot, knowing that it would annoy her Grandpa. "An all boy's boarding school?" Alexis snorted. "Yeah, I'll fit in real fine"

"Alexis, I'm not happy with this as well, but it has to be done. Now enough with the childish manner"

She slumped down further in her seat and crossed her arms. "Mom wouldn't like this"

Joe slammed a gnarly fist on his office desk and Alexis sat up immediately. "I know what my daughter would want – she would want the right thing. Right now this is the right thing; and besides it's only temporary"

Knowing she had lost Alexis wrung her hands. "Fine, but I want a few things"

"What do you want?"

"I want to cut my hair to a boy's length; have everyone here know me as a boy except you and I want to be able to dress in boy's clothes. So I can actually manage to fit in"

"Fine, but that is all you are getting, and you can't back out when school will actually start"

"When does it start?"

"In two weeks. Right now you are the only student here and when I introduce you to the staff, you will be a boy. Now go sort out you room"

Alexis got up and walked out of the office with a triumphant smile on her face.

Alexis checked herself self-consciously in the mirror. She stared at her neatly cropped brown hair (Which matched the colour of her freckles) and then at her wide blue eyes. They seemed innocent at first, but when Alexis peered deeper it almost seemed like they were… mocking her. As if they were saying: "It's your entire fault you are here; it's your entire fault your mom–"

Alexis cut off the tiny voice in her head and scrunched up her nose before slapping her face. Scrunching up your nose is a girl thing not a boy thing. Try to fit in Alexis. Think boy…

Alexis imagined herself as a big hunk of body full of testosterone. What would I be doing? She paced around the room as she thought to herself; and finally it dawned on her. If I were a boy I would be going to the assembly which– she checked the mandatory watch on her wrist. was meant to start five minutes ago. Damn.

She pulled open her dorm door and began to sprint down the familiar corridors she had explored when it was only her as a pupil.

As Alexis approached the big auditorium door, she didn't slow down; instead she sped up and thought back to the days when she'd compete in track events. Alexis commentated on her running in her mind: "And Alexis Clinton is building up speed. She's almost there and oh! Alexis is the winner!"

She flung open the door, arms raised in the air while tumbling in at top speed–

–and into somebody's lap.

Realising where she was, she looked up and was met with glittering green eyes. Alexis squeaked as she jumped out of the boys lap. She mentally cursed at herself as she felt heat rising up to her cheeks.

"Ah Alex, how nice of you to join us" Alexis didn't look up at her grandpa. Instead she stared at the floor as she scuttled to the nearest vacant seat – knowing that almost all the schools eyes were on her.

"Well, at least one drama is over" Her grandpa carried on "Now, welcome school, to your first or another year at Greyfields Academy." Immediately Alexis zoned out. She had already heard this speech before – 7 times – as she was the only one her grandpa could practise on.

Instead she stared at a particular green eyed boy. She sat a couple of rows behind him so she was able to study the way his blonde hair was naturally spiked, or the way he had a dimple when he smiled at her grandpas lame jokes; which somehow made the boy look… cute.

No Alexis. She told herself. You mustn't get those kinds of thoughts in your head. You're a boy now. What did you pump into your head the day before? Do. Not. Get. Interested. Alexis sighed inwardly as she slumped deeper against the metal reclining chair, wishing she could just fade away.

"Thank you for staying here and listening; but one more thing." Alexis was sure she heard a few boy's in the crowd groan. "Any unnecessary behaviour," She felt her grandpas gaze linger on her before moving on "will not be tolerated. Parents and Guardians will be called if anything were to go wrong concerning you" She swallowed. Alexis definitely didn't want to feel the wrath of her grandpa.

"That is all. You will be taken out in group and be assigned to your new dorms so please stay seated." As he left the stage a big burst of conversation rose up in the room. Already knowing where her dorm was, Alexis silently snuck out and padded to her room.

She opened her door and softly clicked the door shut behind her. Her room was identical to all the other (She had checked, just in case) with beige walls, two beds, two drawers and two cupboards. Alexis was sure her grandpa wouldn't let her share a dorm with another boy, so she had plenty of privacy.

Alexis shut her eyes, took in a deep breath and then took a running jump to the bed by the window. When she landed on the mattress she did a handstand against the wall. Only then she realised she was being watched by the same green eyes…

She reached up to rub her eyes; which was a mistake as she was still in handstand position. She tumbled off the bed and onto the floor with a loud "thump" Closing her eyes, she groaned.

A few moments later she felt someone begin to pull her up. Alexis snapped open her eyes, pulled her hand away and leant against the wall – breathing hard.

"Hey, I'm Damien; your new dorm mate" He stuck his hand out for Alexis to shake.

Alexis gaped at him, unable to speak. This was the boy she'd made herself a massive fool out of before and now they had to be roommates?

"Hello?" Damien wondered what was wrong with this boy.

Alexis shook his hand and muttered a "Hello" before running out of the room.

"Grandpa Joe! Grandpa Joe! Open up!" Alexis pounded her fist against the door.

The door swung open and Alexis fell into her grandpas arms. He pushed her away and walked towards his desk.

"Now Alexis, I am not your grandpa. Right now I am your Principal. What is it that you want? And close the door behind you."

Alexis shut the door and sat down in a cold leather chair, hoping she wasn't going to get in trouble for barging in.

"Grand– I mean sir! I have a roommate!"

Principal Clinton sat down in his arm chair. "Yes, you have. Thank you for stating the obvious."

"But I don't want to! I'm a girl."

"This is what you get for wanting to be known as a boy and besides, Damien is a good boy. I trust him"


"No more arguing. Go back to your room, and remember classes start tomorrow. Don't think I'll let you off because you're related to me"

Alexis grumbled as she stomped out the room. So not fair.

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