Chapter 28:

When Alexis started to do her homework, she smiled. She couldn't help but think about the little kisses she and Damien had shared at the beginning of the day. Shane's predictions were right, he was an amazing kisser. She also couldn't help but notice the fact that Damien was always happy and was always smiling. She didn't know she made such a big effect on him.

Jake knew about it of course, because when they had passed each other in the hall he gave her a small nod; which probably only she cold notice because she was staring so intently at him, wondering if she'd done it.

There was Aiden, but she knew she couldn't keep everyone happy. She loved Aiden like she loved Shane. As a brother or a best friend.

She carried on writing as the door opened. She didn't have to look up to know who it was. Instead of going to his side of the room, Damien joined her on the bed.

"What are you doing?" he asked while nuzzling her ear.

She swatted him away. "Homework and I can't do it with you being here."

"I'm that irresistible aren't I?" he dotted warm kisses down her neck, causing Alexis to shiver in delight.

"I don't think I should encourage you." She smiled when he promptly placed his lips on hers.

"Don't hurt my feelings, Alexis! A proper girlfriend wouldn't do that."

Her stomach clenched at the word girlfriend. She hadn't been anyone's girlfriend in a while, and even though she wanted to be Damien's girlfriend, she often didn't like it how the term was used loosely. I mean, Aiden and I started to call each other as a couple after five dates!

She quickly regained herself and turned back to her work. "Damien please. As much as I like you, I need to get this done."

He rested his chin on her shoulder and looked at her work. "Oh, you're doing that? You can borrow my notes, I have more than enough."

She groaned. "I need to be independent!"

He pulled her onto his lap. "Independence never got anyone nowhere"

"Are you sure about that? What about Isaac Newton; Albert Einstein?" she ticked them off with her fingers.

"You're so cute when you're spouting knowledge." He nuzzled himself again her neck. "Now, about that literature essay…"

When Damien had finished helping Alexis with her work, he lay down on the bed next to her; with his eyes closed

He was much happier now. He had found out Alexis's feeling were mutual, and that made him feel giddy inside.

Of course, there was Aiden; the fact that Alexis could go back to him. But he was with her now, with her hand around his. So that didn't worry him now.

"Alexis?" He shifted to face her.


"Tell me about yourself."

She snuggled closer. "Like what?"

"What's your favourite colour?"


"Orange?" he repeated. He had imagined Alexis to like something softer, like blue or green.

"Yeah, but not the neon kind; more like the sunset kind" There's the Alexis I know.

He mindlessly stroked her cheekbones with his thumb. "That's good; I never had you down as one of those girls who like neon colours."

She laughed softly. "What about you?"

It occurred to Damien that he didn't have a favourite colour. He gazed down at Alexis's big blue eyes. "I don't know… Blue."

"What kind of blue?"

"The colour your eyes are."

She flushed bright red, and to stop her from feeling embarrassed, he leant in a placed a soft lingering kiss on her mouth.

"Don't be ashamed, you're eyes are beautiful."

"Thank you." She whispered.

He brushed the short strands hair on her head. "You want to ask me anything?"

Alexis nodded. "Can I…."

He nudged her softly. "Go on, I don't mind"

She looked up into his eyes and finally gave in "Can I ask about your Mom and Dad – the real ones?"

He felt his body become rigid, before relaxing. This was Alexis, he didn't mind. He loved her. "Yeah, what do you want to know?"

She took his hand again and squeezed it. "How they died."

At first, Damien hesitated, but then he thought again. I can trust Alexis. "Well, you probably know they died at work. They both inspect building sites – and that's how they met. They were both inspecting the same building.

Anyway, back to the death." His throat clenched at the words, but he knew he had to continue. "There was this new building in town, and so they had to go issue the safety rules. When they were there, they decided to snoop around.

Both of them didn't know that some parts were unstable, and when they reached one room… a piece of scaffolding fell on both of them.

It was too late for them when the ambulance came. But the doctors tried to revive them anyway. The end result was that they both died from internal bleeding in the brain."

"Oh Damien…" she breathed. "That's terrible."

Alexis brought a hand up and wiped off a tear that had rolled down his cheek. He didn't even know it was there.

"Thank you for listening Alexis, I haven't told anyone in a long time, and it feels like a weight has been lifted from my chest."

"I guess." She paused. "I guess I should tell you how my mother died."

"You don't have to." He knew she was shaken up by it, and her mother's death was more recent. "Don't worry."

"I… I want to."

He laid his arm over hers and pulled her closer, so they were both touching. "Go on"

"Well, no one knows how she died." Damien stayed silent, so she continued. "I'd had a massive argument with her about her boyfriend, so I stormed out. When I had come back, she was no where to be seen.

I searched for her and finally found her in her room… but she was… she was…"

"She was what Alexis?"

"She was lying on her bed with blood all over her."

He felt her shudder as silent tears rolled down her cheeks. He now knew why she was so shaken up by her mother's death. To know your parent was dead was bad, but to see them all bloodied up was even worse.

Damien didn't say I'm sorry – he was, but 'I'm sorry' seemed too standard. Instead, he tilted her chin up and brought his mouth to hers.

Her mouth was soft and warm. With a sob, Alexis returned the kiss, throwing her arms around his neck. Happiness burst through him and he began to forget about everything except Alexis. Oh god, Alexis.

When they finally broke away, Damien and Alexis sat up. He pulled her onto his lap, and kissed her cheek. "You're so beautiful"

"I'm sorry for bursting into tears like that."

"Don't be sorry. It's not your fault."

She shook her head and touched his face; he shivered as she traced his eyebrows with her fingers. "Okay… there is something I'm sorry for. I'm sorry for hurting you before. Jake told me about how angry you were…"

Instead of speaking, he placed his lips on hers again as if you say 'Thank you'

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