you got home
at three,
and this is what
you said to me.

"mariah, whats wrong?
why are you crying?
shh, baby, don't cry.
i know you're trying."

and i looked at you
and i tried to breathe
but that demon inside of me
wouldn't leave.

"look at me, mariah,
i'm here now. it's okay.
tell me whats wrong.
isn't there anything you can say?"

i gasped for breath
but it wouldn't come.
no breath would enter,
not even some.

i was begging you
in my head
to tell me
that i wasn't dead.

"mariah, listen,
it's david. i'm here."
he took me in his arms
and held me near.

"shh, baby, listen.
you're alright.
imma hold yout
hrough the night."

hold me david,
never let me go.t
he things in my head
i don't want to know.

"shhh, baby,
go to sleep.
i'm here now.
the reaper won't reap.

i felt so warm
in your arms.
i felt protected
from any more harms.

i needed you,
and you were there.
it shows me
that you truly care.

david, i love you.
you're mine.
you're never leaving me.
not one single time.

hold me, david.
never let me go.