Ninja Secrets

C h.1: A new beginning gone wrong

Narrator: In California a young girl lived a normal life as a school student, but left a life that was always lived in DARKNESS. Her name is Samantha and this is her story of secrets.

Samantha: Sensei

Sensei: Where have you been, your mission should have lasted you two hours

Samantha: But

Sensei: No Buts

Samantha: But

Sensei: But nothing

Samantha: Please let me speak! I've only seen the insides of the Dojo and where ever you told me to go. Then back.

Sensei: Oh (defeated tone)

Samantha: So I decided, since I am a full ninja. I decided to live on my own.

Sensei: Be back soon. (Defeated manner)

Samantha: I'll see what happens. Who knows, I just want answers.

Sensei: Answers? Answers to what?

Samantha: Answers to my pas….

(School bell rings for next class)

Narrator: The was a suspicions in the air at the rustle successes in gym.

Emily: What are you doing?

Samantha: Doing what I do best.

Emily: You never liked gym

Samantha: Well people change

Gym teacher: Enough chit chat and get to climbing that rope. 30 seconds what the.

Samantha: So I can be athletic if I want to.

Gym teacher: Ok (shocked)

Samantha: Now for the flip. Stuck the landing awesome ten.

Emily: How did you do that (Still hanging from the rope) (In shock)

Samantha: I always could do that. I just chose not to.

Emily: Nice to know (attitude tone)