Chapter 1: The dream

There I was my petite figure was dressed in black pjs my hair midnight black flowing down to my waist, my chocolate eyes scanning the neighbourhood from the curtains. It was clear it was an early winter morning. A chill went down my spine as I observed the trees that were haunting every possible inch in my view. A crow flew out from one of trees startling me and signalling the start of the fight. I tried to tear my eyes away from the gruesome scene that was approaching, but no avail. A male figure dressed in black moved across the shadows, he seemed to be pulling on something. I squinted and saw that it was someone he was pulling by their hair, despite the darkness I could just about make out a figure of a girl guessing from her height she had to be at least 18. I wasn't sure if she was screaming from pain as her mouth would indicate, because no sound appeared to come out. He drew something that glinted in darkness… a knife, he held it to the girls throat his eyes scanned their whereabouts. Our eyes locked, fear ran through my mind yet I stared back unable to hold or contain eye contact. He tore his eyes away from me and slit the poor girl's throat. We locked eyes again just as he left, I realised he had bluey-black eyes; he had a stone cold look as if it was my entire fault.

The grey-black sky bled with the harmony pink creating a breath-taking sun rise, I had somehow fallen asleep after the mystery murderer left. My eyes travelled to the crumbled body on the pavement. Anguish coursed through my veins, poor girl what could of have done wrong to deserved such a treacherous death. .. I sighed as a loud screech broke my thought, busted. Mrs Drayman had found the body. Lights immediately switched one the entire population of my street flooded onto the pavement. I tried to move but I was frozen to the spot I had been earlier.

The house moaned and creaked. I felt some ones breath on my neck; I turned round only to see the murderous traitor behind me. I screamed, however it seemed no on heard me. 'Just my luck' I muttered mostly to myself. His eyes pulled me in like magnets, I couldn't break contact.
*beep….beep….* 'mhhh…' came my intelligent reply *beep...beep….beep*… I let out a scream muffled partly by my pillow. *beep…beep…* the beeps still continued, it took a while for my brain to register the fact that it was my alarm. I body shot up and out of bed, almost automatically, I turned off my alarm. It was 6:30 in the morning, giving more than enough time to register the dream. I seemed to be having the same dream for a while…. Always my point of view, always the girl dies, always a night, always in my living room.

I opened my curtains; the sunshine illuminated my pink and white room. I immediately turned on my IPod and listened to my morning music, and I got my dream diary out and wrote down everything I could before I could forget it parts of it. I've been having this dream/nightmare for the past month. I was getting sick of it, I didn't kill her! He did the guy in the dream!

He's stone gaze was hard to get out of my mind, it was like he was always watching me I hated that. It seemed like he was waiting for me to slip up; just like my parent so they can shout at me. My parents want to be the perfect upper class daughter who is popular and has great grades and designer clothes that sort of stuff… I hate that I absolutely hate it!

I also hate that they drag me place like a lost puppy, I don't even get a choice, and it like they have my life planned out for me. My friends say that I should be grateful I'm living they life that everybody wants.

I opened my wardrobe which held all the designer brands you could ever want, I raked through my clothes trying to find something suitable for school. In the end I chose a pink silk blouse and a light pink skirt that ended just above my knee. Ok so I don't hate everything about my life the clothes are a plus.

I slid down the banister to get down stairs partly to annoy my maid Eliza, she hate it when I do that even though she'd like my best ever friend.