The sound of leaves rustling on the wind. A cool breeze caressed my face. I opened my eyes to see a perfect blue sky hovering above. I turned my head to the left and my eyes met a single white rose lying on the emerald grass. I propped myself up with one arm and picked it up, examining it closely. I turned it slowly between my fingers, taking in the pristine beauty of it. I looked away from it's snowy petals and observed my surroundings. I was in a small yard surrounded by a white wooden fence. I looked behind me and saw a break in the fence, and a gazebo centered perfectly in the middle. I turned back around and looked more closely at my little yard, and saw something yellow moving in he far corner. I got up and walked slowly over to it. I stood over the object, seeing it was a length of satin ribbon. I picked it up and ran it between my fingers, admiring how smooth it was.
I took it back to the middle of the yard were I was previously lying, and sat back down, wondering what I would do with the things, until I pricked my finger on a thorn and it started to bleed.

I watched as the droplet of crimson liquid grow until it rolled down my finger and into the palm of my hand. I looked closer and saw it had turned into a heart-shaped ruby. I put it in the pocket of my dress along with the yellow ribbon and scanned the yard again, seeing nothing else lying in the grass. I looked up at the midday sun and soaked in it's warmth, letting it fill me with light. I looked to the rose again and saw it start to droop a little, and turned to the gazebo for aid. I laid the flower down on one of the dark wooden benches inside and sat down beside it, stroking its shaded petals. I looked to the flat landscape surrounding my fenced-in yard, and admired how perfectly straight the horizon line was. I pulled the ruby from my pocket and held it up in the air and closing one eye, as to make the gem look like it was sitting far away in the distance. I saw a black spot growing on the horizon beside but couldn't make it out. I placed the ruby back in my pocket and looked around the small room for an object. I saw a spyglass sitting on the bench across from me and I grabbed it and studied the black spot through it. There was a black stallion galloping towards me, with a mane and tail of fire billowing behind it. I closed the scope and placed it in my deep pocket and scanned the gazebo again, this time almost missing a glint from under the opposite bench. I got up and walked over to it, then stooped down and grabbed it. There was a long sword stuck to the bottom of the seat with a handle of gold and orange gems inlaid in it. I examined the blade and saw an inscription in it; "virtute radii lunae multo" I looked up from the silver blade and saw the stallion before me, it's flames extinguished. It had a leather chord tied round it's neck with a tiny scroll attached. I took the paper from the chord and looked at what was written on it; " sol, Luna, quam vin. Pax intus." The paper morphed into a tiny paper cat and burst Into blue and green flames and then disappeared. I brushed the ash from my hands and turned to pet the horse, who was eating the short blades of grass until a voice from behind startled me.

" Are you there?" It asked. I turned to see a handsome man standing behind me. He had dark hair and Chrystal eyes that stared into mine. He wore all black and had a sword attached to his belt with an inscription similar to mine. Be saw me staring at the long thin blade and smiled.

" You know what it means. Would you like to see it better?" He unsheathed it and held it so the light bounced off of it, making it seem to glow. The handle was pure black and had a large blue gem in its pommel. He put it back in its sheath and put a hand on my shoulder.

" All in good time love." I still stared at the blade. It made me feel dark. I looked up to him again and he had changed into a beautiful woman with untamed yellow hair and a flowing white dress on. She seemed to have wind blowing around her, and she had a sea shell in her hand.

" You are ready young one, claim your fate." She smiled pleasantly as I mounted the horse, adjusting to the different perspective. A single tear rolled down her cheek and fell onto the shell, which she handed to me silently. I moved to put it in my pocket and was startled; my dress had changed into a suit of golden armor. I reached behind me and put the shell into a pouch on the horse's flank. The I looked to my companion again and she had turned to a greyhound dog. I sighed and urged the horse on, streaking towards the horizon.

I've been riding on since, the dog being my only companion for all this time, all through this endless day. Every now and then I catch a glimpse of the moon waiting for me beyond the horizon. It calls my name, whatever it may be, and beckons me to join it. I just wait patiently for it to reach me, and ride on forever.

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