He keeps talking about leaving here, about getting out, about escaping. And sometimes it's romantic, right? My boy begging me to run away with him so we can be together good, so we can work out right and for real. He only needs me, he says. Just me. Always me. Right, that's romantic?

Sometimes I let myself fall for it. I let myself believe it would be better if we could just leave here. That everything would fall into place and just fit. But I know the truth. Even when I don't want to face it. Here isn't the problem.

There's nothing Here that's holding us back or keeping us apart. There's nothing Here stopping us from being our best selves. Here isn't stifling. Here isn't roadblocking. Here isn't making us fuck ups.

It's just us.

We can't run away 'cause there's nothing to run from. All our problems would follow. We carry them everywhere.

We're the monsters and that's something you can't escape.