Everything's life or death with you.

Love or hate.

Friend or enemy.

Ha, it finally hit me!

We're either dead or alive.

There's no such thing as in between;

You're either kind or you're mean.

I'm tired of the ups and downs.

Of nothing staying the same.

One moment being loved

And the next hating your very name.

I hope you find comfort with your perfect girl

That she can be true and be your world,

Because I'm no longer going to be wait around

To be shot or to be revived.

Because I'd much rather be dead

Than be with you alive.

I hope she loves your dark side

Because disgust is something I could never


I hope you enjoy your time without me

Because as you can see

I rest in between.

On neither side of your spectrum.

I hope you've learned your lesson.

Love or Hate.

Friend or Enemy.

Life or Death:

Baby it's all the same with me.

"Life or Death?"

Which ever you choose:

It's still me

You're gonna lose.