Miles beyond, inches apart. The trees obscured above us painted his face, adjacent with mine. Blue light is reflected from the moon, my lasso next to me to mirror my emotions. Beyond the new oblivion are things the particular moment never knew. Automobiles and cell phones are scattered about, burned out and wrecked, radiation smokes what was there, but no one there to restore it.

My face is devoid of make- up just as it is devoid of tears. His eyes match the forestry surroundings; greasy hair, curls- because vanity is no longer a worry. The clothes, ratty and loose, have acquired holes from running, constant immigration. Scar tissue adorns my legs, arms, our faces; prompting tourniquets made from what little cloth left until there is hardly any at all. Sweat frosts the crown of my head like icing on a cake, and little cherries are my cheeks from the natural flush acquired.

Nudity and natural, like Adam and Eve, with no sin and no shame. There is no right or wrong, no omnipotent judgment, no bloodshed in our clumsy and unchasten intimacy. No more good, no more bad, as such concepts cease to exist. Everything of the like has faded to neutrality.

Reality is numb for once. Evil's concept is puerile.

Nothing to spare us from mortality's grasp. We were the ones who were left behind.

And, for once, I am content.