Beware, there might be some explicit scenes in this story and language, but not too mature for the younger audience. I give thanks to my cousin who gave me the inspiration for this story. Now Sit back and enjoy the works of "The Scar".

September 7, Monday
7:30 am

"You know Zero, it's funny how I keep looking at this in the mirror everyday, and somehow I feel like it's mocking me"

Dominic Arson, unusual name for someone who never caused a fire in his life. Even so, it had a cursed with it just like the straight line deep scar on his right eye. He touched it softly, still feeling the phantom pain as if it only happened a month ago.

Seventeen years ago to this date was the day everything changed for the worse.

His ordeal began one month after he was born.

Early in the morning when he was just a child his father, Wayne Arson, decided to take young Dominic to visit his Grandparents who only lived an hour from them. It was still dark outside with most asleep, except for one drunk driver who was heading home from the bar. Wayne decided to take a short-cut passing through his favorite grill/bar restaurant, Russel's. Out of nowhere, the driver collided with Wayne in a dreadful crash smashing the front of their cars together, and causing the shattered glass to fly towards Dominic and Wayne

Paramedics arrived at the scene taking them both to the hospital for treatment, but it was too late.

They couldn't save Wayne, which left his wife, Aria Arson, alone to raise three children by herself. Dominic's scar healed after a year with only a slight change in his right eye's perception, and when he grew up it became a constant reminder of what he lost.

Ever since the accident, everything about Dominic changed for better and worse, which included his new Step-Father, Hank Johnson. Although he wasn't his father, Dominic grew to like him. It also changed his older siblings, especially his brother to hate Dominic every single moment for being alive instead of the one person he loved with all his heart.


Dominic shook his head with irritation, finishing his morning routine as he went into his closet. Coming out, he was wearing a red-fitting T-shirt, loose jeans, and wearing white Nike shoes.

He looked over to his computer desk at the old picture of his Father making him smile. 'Man, I honestly wish you were here right now Dad' Dominic thought in his head.

"First day of school with the usual morning shit, right Zero?" Dominic said smiling looking at his golden retriever lying down on the bed before barking in response to his master. Zero originally was the runt of Dominic's next-door neighbors litter. After three days of begging, Dominic managed to convince his mom for permission to keep the dog, and after that day, Zero and he became the best of friends.

After spiking his black hair with gel in the bathroom, Dominic came downstairs to eat his breakfast entering the dining room. "Morning Dominic, breakfast is on the table" his mom said as he sat down to the plate of food, and began eating.

"God, what were you doing up there? Working on some lame-ass excuse to make sure you didn't go to school today?" His brother replied pouring juice into his glass.

Dominic just ignored his brother as he kept eating, trying not to let his emotions show.

"Come on Terry leave him alone, besides it's way too early in the morning for making stupid remarks. Knock it off" Lisa said putting butter on her toast before eating it.

Terry Arson and Lisa Arson are Dominic's older twin siblings from when he was born, but ever since their Father's death Terry turned cold inside, and constantly took out his anger on Dominic every chance he got. In his heart, Dominic knew that his older brother blamed him for surviving while his father died. On the other hand, Lisa knew it was a miracle that Dominic survived, and gave him the support he needed to deal with not having a father around.

"Come on, lets hear it: 'My dog got aids and I needed to stay at the hospital?'; 'My car broke down in the middle of the street?'; or here's my all time favorite: 'My foot got stuck in the window?' Terry said laughing like a lunatic, which made Dominic glare at him with irritation.

"Shouldn't you be at your fiance's making yourself look like an ass? Oops, too late" Dominic replied with a chuckle making Terry growl at him.

"Alright you two that's enough. It's too early to be fighting right now. So did you sleep good last night Dom?" Aria asked him as he was eating his food.

"I actually slept well mom thanks for asking." Dominic replied drinking some juice. 'I could have done without fucking Terry throwing his barbells at my stomach!' Dominic thought angrily biting into his sausage.

"Well, aren't you excited Dom? It's your last year of high school. Got any big plans once you get your diploma?" Hank wondered putting his phone away while Dominic gave a piece of bacon to Zero, who came in a few minutes ago, and was hiding under the table being fed table scraps by Dominic.

"Nothing really concert, but I heard from Jason this year for seniors they're supposed to do an open carnival for colleges after school today. I really am hoping to get into Forensics. So I'll probably be home at 7:00 pm" Dominic replied finishing his food, and taking it to the sink.

"Come on piss-stain, you really think you have what it takes to get into a college? I mean Zero probably has more intelligence than you" Terry said coldly making Dominic grit his teeth in anger, but he calmed down before losing his calm.

"That's enough Terry. Be quiet and go before you're late for work!" Hank said growling at Terry, who just laughed as he went out the door. Dominic washed both of the plates before heading back to his room.

"Wait Dom, why don't I take you to school for today?"

"Don't worry about it Lisa I'll take my car. After all, it's not like anything new changes with the roads" Dominic said darkly, but immediately regretted it as he looked at his family who had a look of concern.

"I better get going before I miss my first day" Dominic told them grabbing his backpack and car keys then heading out the door. He unlocked his car, which was originally his fathers, and got in. After his sixteenth birthday party, Hank knew that Dominic needed something memorable for his birthday, and so after months of buying parts, he managed to give Dominic his Father's restored car as a present.

After heading out the door, Dominic entered the car thinking about what will happen once this year of school was finished. Putting in the keys, he started the car looking at the photo of his father that he kept in the glove compartment.

'Well Dad, hopefully this year is my year for change' Dominic thought smiling.

After a few seconds, he drove out of the driveway heading towards his school.

High School, 7:50 am

Arriving at school Dominic first noticed everyone looking at him, which included most of the new freshmen coming for their day of high school. 'What? You never seen a scar in your lives?' He thought to himself glaring at everyone making his way into the school.

Walking up to his new locker for the semester and turning the dial, Dominic felt soft hands covering his eyes.

"Guess who".

"Hmm... well, judging by the way you skin feels I can only deduce that someone like you takes very good care of them, and apply anti-bacterial hand sanitizer almost every day. Not only that, but only one girl I know wears watermelon-scented perfume every first day of school. Hey there Monica"

"Damn son you really are a good analyzer".

"I've been told that many times, which is why I'm going to a forensic's school after graduation" Dominic told them smiling.

The hands left his eyes as he turned to see two of his best friends, Monica Stone and her boyfriend Jason Turner. The trio met when Dominic started Elementary School. Most of the kids made fun of Dominic when they saw his scar he got. Afterword's, he just kept staying away from people who made fun of him, until they came along.

Elementary School, 11 Years ago

Young Dominic was sitting down in the far side of the field at recess crying by him sitting under the apple tree, and out of nowhere, two little kids went towards him.

"Leave ME ALONE!" Dominic yelled turning away from them to cover the tears pouring down his face.

"Why are you crying?" A young Monica wondered, feeling sad for the boy crying his eyes out.


"Hey come on, why don't want to talk with us?" Young Jason asked him.

After a few minutes, Dominic turned to him wearing half a mask he made in arts and crafts, which covered the right side of his face to hide his scar.

"I don't like it when people make fun of me" Dominic replied calming down a bit.

"Why would they make fun of you? Why are you wearing a mask?" Monica asked as she and Jason sat in front of him.

"Hiding my face from everyone else"

"Why? What's under the mask?" Jason said, moving his hand towards the mask but got pushed away by Dominic.


They stood silent as Dominic held the mask tight against his face to make sure he wouldn't try it again, but after a while Monica smiled softly at him going a bit closer till she was sitting in front of him.

"Come on, I promise we won't make fun of you".

Dominic hesitated to pull away from them, but he looked at their expressions with his left eye thinking maybe they were telling the truth. He pulled the mask slowly until it shows a deep scar over his right eye making them both move back being a bit scared of it.

"Oh how cool!" They both said making Dominic look at them with confusion

"You two really think it looks cool?"

"Of course it's cool!"

Dominic quickly wiped the tears from his eyes as he smiled at them. "I'm Dominic Arson, who are you guys?"

"Monica Stone"

"Jason Tuner. Hey, we were gonna go play pirate ship at the playground, Wanna join our crew?" He asked Dominic offering a hand to help him up. Dominic looked at them before grinning widely.


Since that day, the three became close friends looked out for each other, protecting each other, and even helping each other when they needed it. Dominic didn't even mind when Jason admitted to Monica that he liked her. He supported their choice to go out with each other, and promised them that if they ever got married he would be the best man for the wedding.

"Can you believe it? After three years of horrible break-ups, fights, and all the teenage drama we're finally senior's!" Monica said with excitement as Dominic took off his sweater and hung it in his locker.

"I know babe just one more year to go, and we're finally out of here!" Jason said with excitement hugging Monica from the waist.

"Easy there love-birds, don't forget it's still twelve more months of classes. Not to mention the 'High School Hierarchy' to deal with" Dominic said with irritation in his voice. "Speaking of which, here comes King Dork himself"

The two turned down the hall to see the Captain of the football, Ralph Anderson, walking down the hall with a cocky swag, having three cheerleaders on him like he was a flower, and they were the bees trying to collect the pollen. The history between Ralph and Dominic wasn't a happy memory. Ever since kindergarten, Ralph always made fun of Dominic's scar calling him a freak. The years went by with more hurtful insults, the occasional bullying, and finally Dominic got sick of it.

In Middle school, the two decided to end their feud with a race to see who was better.

Dominic won the race, which made sure that Ralph would never bug him again, and gave him a confidence boost that helped him get his first girlfriend. From that day on, Dominic always saw Ralph as nothing more than a giant douche bag with a squeaky toy for a brain. Ralph passed by giving Dominic the evil eye before moving on to the next part of the school.

"Once a douche, always a douche" Dominic said leaning back on the lockers.

"Speaking of douche, I heard about what happened with you and Katie. I am really sorry Dominic. I had no idea she had another boyfriend, and she was only using you to make you jealous" Jason said with guilt in his voice.

"Eh, don't mention it man maybe I'll just stay out of the dating game till graduation" Dominic replied as the trio began walking to their home room class.

"Come on man there are some fine girls in this school. Why don't you let me hook you up with one of my friends?" Monica asked as they entered the class, and sat down in chairs next to each other.

"NO WAY IN HELL DO I WANT TO BE HOOKED UP AGAIN!" Dominic proclaimed before he stuck his head into his notebook to avoid talking further about his dating life.

"Come on, you had fun last time with Mary" Jason said laughing hysterically before being shut up by a punch in the shoulder by Dominic.

"Man, she was trying to become a body builder, and I almost had my arm broken when she challenged me to a wrestling match!" Dominic said blushing as he hid his face from his friends.

"Okay I really thought you two would be cute together, but I was wrong. Give me another chance and I swear this girl will be better than my other choices. Please?" Monica asked making puppy dog eyes.

Three things in life made Dominic weak enough to take advantage of; women crying, puppy dog eyes, and being bribed with food. At that moment he wished that his eye really was blind. And after a few seconds of staring Dominic put his arms up in defeat.

"Alright alright I'll give you one more shot, but if this girl turns into Hulk's ugly twin sister I will never talk to you again!" Dominic said as she stopped, and high-fived Jason.

"So who is she?"

"You'll meet her after school during the college carnival" Monica said making Dominic mad, but stopped when the bell rang and class officially began.

After-school, College Carnival

The time had come to an end as the trio headed to the carnival to see what they could find.

"So in only four years, I could already be working on real crime cases?" Dominic wondered looking at the pamphlet he got from the guy.

"Yep, after getting your bachelor's degree you'll be placed in an actual forensic's lab, and put to work assisting the senior staff" The guy told him as Dominic took the pamphlet with him heading to the nearby snack bar for something to eat.

After standing in line, Dominic grabbed a double-cheese burger with fries and a coke then headed to one of the empty tables.

"YO DOM!" Jason said with Monica being pulled by him.

"What's up?"

"Okay you know that friend I told you about? She's here" Monica with an excited look on her face.

"Still can't believed you already hooked me up with her even before I said yes. You two are seriously twisted" Dominic told them as he opened his can of coke to drink from.

"Dude, we knew that you were gonna say yes no matter how many times you protest, but for real man, I checked her out she's not as cute as Monica, but she's decent" Jason said getting a glare from his girlfriend.

Dominic took in a deep breath before looking around, "So where is she?" His friends pointed to booth for a drama and arts college with a girl wearing a black tank top reaching her waist, short black heels, tight jeans, her hair in a ponytail, and red nail polish along with two bracelets on her wrists.

"Is the one who's hiding behind or bellow the hot girl?" Dominic asked sarcastically.

"No, she is the hot girl" Jason said smiling.

"Her name is Emily Swanson, we met on the last day of school. I told her about you and she certainly seems interested" Monica said as Dominic didn't pay attention. His focus was on the girl talking to the person at the booth. In all his time, he had never seen the chick around campus, but he knew that this would be a fascinating set-up.

"Watch my burger" Dominic tells Jason as he walks over towards her.

"What do you think the chances are he'll strike out on the first word?" Jason said laughing making Monica elbow him on his side.

As he got there, Emily turned around to see him, and right off the bat Dominic became mesmerized by how she looked. She wore red-lipstick with just light shades of make-up bringing out her natural look. Dominic wanted to fall, but he quickly reinforced himself before speaking. However, he noticed that she too was staring at him, and after a few minutes he figured out why.

"Hi, you must be Emily Swanson? Nice to meet you, I'm Dominic Arson" Dominic told her extending his hand for a shake.

"Um.. Yeah that's me. Likewise," Emily told him as she shook his hand.

"I can guess what has you a bit creeped out, my scar right?"

"OH NO! I wasn't really creeped out by it really! I hope I didn't offend you in any way!"

"Don't worry about it happens a lot to me, I can understand how its weird seeing a guy with a scar on his right eye. So you've been friends with Monica for how long exactly?

"Oh well, we meet on the last day of school before summer vacation started. She told me a lot about you and her boyfriend Jason, except for the scar. That part she magically forgot to mention"

"Oh, did she really?"

Dominic and Emily turned to Monica who wasn't paying attention as her focus was on swallowing the tongue of her boyfriend.

"Let me guess, She told you how I was a great match for you and for you to hook up with me?"

"That girl is really stubborn sometimes. I feel sorry for Jason. You know, we really don't have to hook up or anything, but I wouldn't mind talking to you once in a while. You seem like an interesting guy, and I seriously gotta know how you got that scar"

"Alright why not?" Dominic replied giving her his phone number while she gave him her's.

"Sweet, well I better get going. Hope we can talk tonight Dom!" Emily said yelling as she ran to the front entrance.

All Dominic could do at that point was wave good-bye with the anticipation of that phone call when he got home.

Well now the story has begun, how will Dominic deal with his last year of school, and how will Emily factor into this? Stay Tuned. R&R