October 2, Thursday
Cafeteria, 12:10 pm


"Afraid so.."

After the intense conversation with Ms. Rivera, Dominic left the classroom to meet up with his friends, and give them the bad news of what he agreed to do.

"Two whole weeks of tutoring King Douche Bag?!" Jason gasped in horror making Monica and Emily scoff over his reaction.

"Relax Jason, it's just only for two weeks. It's not as if Dom is gonna move in with him" Monica said rolling her eyes.

"Still, it's a bit harsh having to teach the person who bugged you since you guys were only kids" Emily replied feeling sorry for Dominic.

"Ms. Rivera was in a jam, what was I suppose to say to her?"

"How bout, 'find another person who can teach the giant ape' or 'no way on God's beautiful green grass I'm teaching the thickest guy on campus', something like that" Jason said sarcastically.

"Once again, Jason the wise everybody" Dominic replied as the two girls clapped politely to tease him.

Jason glared at them, stuffing his mouth with a burger to keep himself from saying anything he might regret.

"Anyway, I've already said yes, and I can't break my promise to Ms. Rivera now"

"Good, because if anything is gonna get broken, its gonna be you Scar-face" the gang looked back seeing two guys towering over Dominic. Even without looking, he could tell that they were two running backs for the school's football team.

"Is that so?"

"Don't you two have some innocent cow to kill?" Emily glared.

"Oh sure, the cow is right here waiting to get slaughtered" One said pulling Dominic violently from his chair, slamming him right into the ground. Jason immediately stood up, wanting to knock him down, but Dominic shook his head motioning him to stop.

"Aw what's wrong? Mr. Wart wants to take us on by himself?" The other player said, talking down to Dominic in a baby voice.

"You two aren't worth my time, but I'm guessing Ralph wants me to know something, so say it already and piss off" he replied coldly getting up from the floor. By then, there was a large crowd surrounding them wanting to see if they were gonna fight.

"Simple, the team wants you to give Ralph the answers on test day to make sure he passes. If not, well let's just say I hope you got insurance, especially when we start breaking all your stuff" One of them said cracking his neck. Dominic simply glared at the two meat heads, but after a few minutes laughing out of nowhere.

"You think this is a damn joke?!"

"Definitely! Look at this, It takes the entire football team to try to bully me? I mean come on, even Ralph isn't the kind of guy to let people fight his battles" Dominic said laughing as the crowd started joining in.

"Listen you two, tell Ralph I am not his friend or his manservant, and that unless the team wants to go to the finals, he better be ready to learn" it was the last thing Dominic told them before walking out of the cafeteria. The crowd cheered for Dominic, along with Jason and others as the football players glared walking away from the crowd back to Ralph

Monica's House, 3:30 pm

After the cafeteria incident, Dominic decided it was better to skip tutoring with Emily after school. With nothing planned for tonight, Monica offered Emily a girl's night for them to relax and talk. After school, the two went to her house and relaxed in Monica's room. They spent most of the time painting their nails and talking about what happened at school.

"Can you believe how Dominic stood up to those jerks?"

"I know, right? Last time someone tried to stand up to the football team, they ended up naked in front of the auditorium on student election day" Monica said, but noticed Emily was deep in thought. "Hey, you okay?"

"Was it really a good idea to let Dom go by himself?" Emily wondered blowing on her freshly painted nails.

"Don't worry so much, you saw how he handled himself. I can guarantee from personal experience that Dom isn't the kind of guy who lets himself be pushed around easily, not to mention some people look up to him now like a hero" Monica said dipping the brush into the container of red nail polish. "He'll be fine, I bet my life on it"

When Monica said hero, Emily closed her eyes thinking back to that one moment Dom walked away. Looking at him, Dom wasn't the friendly guy she'd gotten to know in the past month, but the man who made her heart skip a beat. For her, time slowed down as her attention focused on the broad-shouldered, well-fit, and handsome man she called her friend.

'Why can't I get him out of my mind?' She thought rubbing the side of her temples trying to get rid of her headache. All she wondered was why someone like her could be attracted to a guy like him. Immediately the scar on his right eye came to mind, but Emily quickly expelled it out of her mind. 'What is it about that scar that makes me like him so much?'

"I really do like Dom..." Emily said out loud immediately regretting it.

"Is that a fact?" Monica grinned widely putting nail polish on her toes.

"Oh did I say that out loud?" Monica nodded, which made Emily blush with embarrassment. 'I just walked right into her web' Emily thought realizing now what was about to happen.

"I KNEW IT! I always knew that you had a secret crush on him! OH MY GOD, this is so exciting!" Monica squealed with delight as she hugged her best friend.

"It's nothing like that!" Emily denied blushing in front of her friend.

"You suck at lying, come on tell me. When did you realize you had a crush on him?!" Monica shouted with joy.

"Alright already, just get your hands off me before you make me mark your room with wet nail polish" Emily threatened as Monica took a seat right next to her friend.

"Come on, spill it. When did you finally realize you liked him?"

"Just now, Doofus" Emily said giving Monica her usual deadpan look.

"I mean, when did you first know?"

"It was when he left my house after tutoring, I just felt this strange emptiness when he left. When he came back to show me his test, I felt like part of me had returned. And given what happened today, the emptiness returned when he walked out of the cafeteria I.. I honestly like him a lot" Emily finished, blushing from what she just told Monica.

"Aw Emily, then why not tell him how you really feel?"

"Come on, you know why I can't right now!" Emily snapped at Monica but regretted it.

"I understand that, but I actually do think Dom likes you too, and I think if you both gave each other a chance..." Monica started to say, but stopped when Emily ran into her bathroom. With the door locked behind her, Emily broke down crying with her hands in her face. 'Dom got his heart-broken, and right now a relationship with me would just complicate things. He wouldn't even trust me at all' Emily thought as she kept crying.

'I hate feeling empty inside so much, Why can't I just tell him how I feel?'

October 3, Friday
hospital, 8:00 am

"Look to the left... Good, now look to the right... Excellent" Dr. Dwayne said looking at Dominic's right eye. Since the High School had an emergency faculty meeting, school got closed till next Monday. That day, Dominic was scheduled for a doctor's appointment and a visit to his late father's grave with his grandparents. After the usual tests for his physical, the last one was the eye exam to see how his sight was doing since he got the scar.

"What's the word doc?" Dominic wondered as the doctor moved the light away from his eye.

"Hmm, aside from the bruises still healing on your body from the 'accidents', the damage done to your lower back, and some dry blood patches you're as healthy as always" Dr. Dwayne replied writing the results on his clipboard. Dwayne was the Arson Family doctor since Dom's older siblings were born, and was like a close member of the family. Dwayne then became shocked when Wayne and Dominic came into the hospital, Dwayne personally handled Wayne's surgery but never got over the loss of his friend.

"Thanks Doc, I better get going before my Grandparents get worried about me"

"Dom, before you go... May I have a word with you?" Dwayne said closing the door. "What's up?"

"Listen, I've been a bit worried about you since Terry came back to your home. Dominic, has he been abusing you again?" Dwayne asked, which made Dominic glare at him with hatred.

"I told you already, he hasn't done anything to me! God, why do you always have to ask me that same stupid question every time I come to visit?!" Dominic growled at Dwayne.

"Dom, I'm just worried about you. I understand if maybe you get into one or two accidents, but you're almost like a human punching bag. I'm just looking out for you..."

"Hey Doc, in cause you hadn't noticed I'm not some weak little kid anymore, I can take care of myself. So just butt out and stop asking me stupid questions!" Dominic snapped leaving the office.

"Oh Wayne, if only you were here..." Dwayne said looking over to a photo of him and Wayne holding a large bass.

Graveyard, 9:00 am

After going home to put on a suit, Dominic arrived at the graveyard parking right behind his Grandparent's car. Getting out, he saw his Grandma and Grandpa talking with the groundskeeper. "Hey Grandpa! Grandma!" Dominic yelled as he ran towards them.

"Oh my handsome boy, look how much you've grown!" Mary said hugging her grandson. "I'm glad to see you're keeping in shape son" Will said shaking Dominic's hand.

"Sorry I'm late, had a doctor's appointment today and had to drive back home to change"

"Oh it's alright, we're just glad you came safely. I just wished the others were present, especially Terry since he's the oldest" Mary said.

Dominic immediately tensed up hearing Terry's name. "Well you can't blame them, Lisa's job starts early in the morning, Mom and Hank left on a business trip, and Terry is off for the next two months with his fiance" He replied trying to relax his body.

"Oh well, let us make our way to Wayne's grave then" Will said as the trio walked along the path of graves. Death never scared Dominic, but with each passing grave, he often wondered at times, does life actually end like this? At times, with all the crap Dominic had thrown at him, he often doubts whether there really is a god or not.

"Oh Dominic, I almost forgot. Why didn't you bring that cute girl with you, what was her name...Katie!" Mary wondered looking at her grandson. Dominic just sighed putting his hands in his pockets.

"We broke up on the last day of school my junior year"

"Oh my, what happened?"

"I'd honestly rather not talk about it now grandma" Dominic replied looking somewhere else.

"I understand"

After ten minutes, they finally reached the grave of Wayne Arson, which became enveloped by a field of flowers that Dominic's mom had planted. On the tombstone read:

Here Rests Wayne Arson, devoted father, loving husband, and hero.

Dominic remembered his first time coming here when he was just seven years old. His mother hadn't told him about his father's death, but realizing the anniversary was almost there, she made the choice of telling him what actually happened to his Father.

Ten years ago

Seven year old, Dominic Arson was enjoying himself as he ran across the graves, pretending they were stepping-stones. Aria looked on and smiled, wishing that she didn't have to do this to her child. "Dom, come on son we need to keep moving"

"Okay mama" Dominic replied relaxed running towards her. He stopped smiling as Aria took his hand and walked along the path. "Mama, why are we in a place like this?" He asked scared of the graves.

"Well Dom, we're here to see someone extremely close to my heart"

"Who is it?"

"You'll have to wait and see"

After a while, they arrived at one of the graves where Dominic looked at the tombstone, "Here rests Wayne Arson, devoted Father, loving husband, and hero. Mama, who is this?" he wondered then saw tears building up in his mother's eyes.

"I'm sorry to tell you Dominic, but.. this.. is your...father.." Aria broke down in tears wiping them off with a tissue to avoid smearing her make up.

"My dad.. this is my daddy...?" Dominic asked shocked at hearing this. "NO! This isn't my dad! Hank is my dad! He helps me with my homework and plays with me!" He yelled moving away from his mother.

"He is your father, step-father. Wayne is your real father, I am sorry for lying to you my baby" Aria said looking at the shocked child who was crying.

"Why..why did daddy die?" Aria choked a bit trying to hold back her tears.

"When you were a baby, he was taking you to visit Grandma and Grandpa, but someone crashed into him, and he died protecting you. That's why you have that scar on your eye" Dominic immediately touched the scar, in his mind the scar was laughing at what it had done. Dominic's world came crashing down as he fell on knees crying.

"I.. I.. I.. killed daddy.."

Aria quickly wrapped her arms around her child, "No baby, it wasn't your fault for your dad dying. Don't ever think that ever again. It was an accident, but I know from the bottom of my heart, your dad wouldn't never blame you at all, okay?" Dominic lifted his eyes to meet his mothers as he nodded. "That's my boy. You know, I can your dad still living every day in your eyes"

Dominic hugged his mother, but in his heart Terry's words kept ringing his ear 'Daddy-killer...Daddy-killer..."


"Dominic..Dominic, are you there?"

Dominic's memory stopped when he heard his grandparents calling out to him. "Is everything okay son?" Will wondered as he noticed the scared look on Dom's face.

"Huh? Y-yeah Grandpa, everything is just fine"

"Are you sure Dom, you've been unusually quiet since coming here" Mary said looking at him.

"I'm fine Grandma, honestly there's nothing to worry about I promise" Dominic replied sincerely.

"You know it's funny, now that I take a good look at you, I think I had it wrong"

"Had what wrong Grandpa?"

"You're grandfather kept saying how 'Terry' was the one who looked more like Wayne when he grew up. However, seeing you with that nice suit and the awful scar that has you marked. You are an exact image of Wayne"

Dominic looked at his grandparents with confusion.

"Wayne was always the type of man who was always lost in thought, he always had cuts and bruises when he was younger, and never once complained about bad things that happened to him" Mary said putting her hand on Dominic's shoulder.

"You, Dominic Arson, really remind us more of Wayne than Terry" They both said in unison. Dominic felt like a burden was gone from his heart and smiled happily for the first time in ages.

After a while, Will checked the time noticing it was 10:30 am, "Sorry Dominic, but we must meet with our lawyer at eleven. Will you be able to make it back home safely?" He asked with worry.

"Sure, I'll be okay" Dominic said as he gave both a hug good-bye, and saw them walking back to their car. He sighed turning his attention back to the grave, "I honestly wish you were here dad... I need you now more than ever" He waited for some sort of sign to answer his call, but nothing came. Dominic shook his head as he walked away heading back to his car.

Dominic's House, 6:30 pm

After coming home from the graveyard, Dominic just fell asleep on his bed with Zero lying on his master's stomach. Both didn't wake up until Lisa went into their room and shook the bed. "Mm..What is it.." He asked still drowsy from the long eight-hour nap.

"Get up Dom, how long were you asleep?"

"Bout eight hours give or take" He replied stretching out his entire body, but stopped when he felt a sharp in his back. 'Guess that hit Terry gave me before leaving left more of a bruise than I thought' Dominic thought getting up from his bed. After a few seconds of adjusting his eyes, he noticed Lisa was in a beautiful blue dress, with her hair in a bun, make-up, and heels on her feet.

"Where are you going all dressed up?"

"I'm going out with my boyfriend tonight, didn't mom tell you?" Lisa said putting on some lipstick in front of Dominic's mirror.

"It probably slipped her mind, but it's okay I guess. I gotta go to Ralph's house to start his tutoring session, ugh why did I have to get picked for this?" He asks with his face in his hands.

Lisa felt sorry for her little brother having to go through all this stress during his senior year. "Well think of it this way, the sooner you do it, the faster it'll be done" She replied positively making Dominic look at her with his usual deadpan look.

"It's a two-week session.."

"Wow, that's gotta suck"

"You have no idea... Speaking of having no idea, when are you gonna introduce us to this boyfriend of your's? It's been over a year since you two started going out" Dominic asked as Zero laid on his master's lap.

"When it's the right time... Besides, it hasn't been a year and a half, more like six months"

"Bullshit, but whatever floats your boat" He replied getting up and heading to the restroom to get ready for the worst night of his life.

Ralph's House, 6:50 pm

'Wonder if it's too late to catch the next bus out of town?' Dominic though as he stood in the front door of the Anderson home, he and Ralph never got along, but their mothers were actually best-friends since high school. From time to time, they would have parties at each other's homes, which was how Dominic knew where King Douche Bag lived.

He reluctantly knocked at the door, hoping that no one would answer, but unfortunately the door opened to show Ralph's older brother, Mike Anderson in a crisp clean suit. Mike Anderson was Ralph's twenty-five year old brother, but unlike his younger brother Mike got along with Dominic better than Ralph ever did.

"Hey Dom, how's the scar treating you my man?" He asked fidgeting with his necktie.

"Same as always man, but I'm more interested in why someone like you is so dressed up?" Dominic asked surprised by the appearance of Mike.

"Got another date with my girlfriend, but what brings you by here?"

"Unfortunately, I got stuck tutoring your rock headed younger brother for the next two weeks" Dominic replied showing Mike his backpack.

"I pray for you man, but I really gotta get going or she's gonna be mad" Mike said passing right by Dominic heading for his car.

"MOM! Someone left a pile of crap on our doorstep, oh wait never mind it's just Dominic" Ralph shouted as he came from the top of the stairs.

"Be polite Ralph, especially since your football career depends on him" Ralph's mother said from the kitchen.

"Well, get in here already"

Dominic rolled his eyes at his student and walked into the living room. When he got there, Dominic got out his History text-book waiting for Ralph to come downstairs. About half an hour passed till he got downstairs, but he wasn't alone as one of the cheerleaders came down with him.

"Why is the ugly duckling here baby?" The girl asks making Ralph laugh.

"Don't talk to me unless you know anything other than basic spelling girly" The remark made the girl huff at Dominic as she walked out of the house. "Geez, yet another dumb cheerleader falls for the Alpha male of the Football team"

"At least I do the using, unlike you. How's Katie by the way?" Ralph said making Dominic growl, but shook it off as he opened his book.

"Alright if you're done goofing around, I'd really like to get started. Where's your book?"

"Oh wait, we had a book for history class?" Dominic mentally slapped his forehead, 'This is gonna be a long two weeks'

Jason's House, 7:30 pm

"Come on big bro, you gotta let me stay here! Why should you have two sweet honey's to yourself?" Dave asked whining over the phone.

"A, don't call my friends 'honey's', and two, you wanted to have a sleep over with you're friends so tough titty" Jason replied hanging up the phone with a smile. Since school was closed, Jason thought it be a good idea to hold a movie marathon over at his place. However, the only one that wouldn't show would be Dominic, who had to start his tutoring with Ralph today.

After a while, Jason heard a knock on the door and went to answer it.

"HEY BO!" Monica said with a great big smile as she jumped on Jason making him fall on the soft carpet.

"Well she's happy to see you" Emily said with bags of food, DVDs, and some soda for the long night.

"Hey Emily, how you feeling?" Jason asked getting up from the floor with Monica. Emily shrugged as she walked in and passed the duo, putting the bags on the table.

"I've been better, this stupid weather is seriously annoying" She said putting her house keys on the table. "So which movie are we watching first, Taken or Planet of the Apes?"

"Before movies, we have so much to do" Monica replied as she took out one of the bags filled with papers and placed them on the coffee table.

"Oh come on babe, it's Friday and you wanna start planning your Halloween party now?!" Jason groaned loudly as he sunk into the couch.

"Come on, the faster we plan it, the faster we can watch these movies"

"What party?" Emily asked since it was the first time she was hearing about it.

"Well, since middle school I loved having parties all the time, so I decided 'what better day to do a party then on the scariest day of the year' ,and after begging my parents for months they finally let me. I've done it every year I've been here" Monica said pointing to some of the pictures

"Wow, that's pretty cool. So what's this years party about?"

"Oh wait, I just remembered I have some of your old designs in my room, help me bring them down Monica?" Jason asked getting up from his seat.

"Um okay? Emily, why don't you check out some of the patterns for the dance floor?" Monica said as she followed Jason up to her room.

"So, what was it you wanted to talk to me about?"

"Emily. I just found out she's mad in love with Dom!" Monica said excitedly as she calmed herself down.

"Same with Dom, but he feels that something bad might happen to both of them if he tries to get with her" Jason replied sitting down on his chair.

"So what are you thinking?"

Jason thought for a moment, and came up with a plan. "This year's Halloween party will be the one no one ever forgets including Dom and Emily"

What is this plan that Jason has in store, and how will it affect Dominic's relationship with Emily? Stay tuned..

Author's Note: With my fifth chapter in play, my focus will be on re-writing the chapters using the advice from the reviews I've gotten. It will be a while before chapter 6, but the wait will be worth it.