She thrust herself over the barrels, just like he told her to. She got up quickly and started into a run, a run for her life. But she wasn't alone. There was always him to help her. And her. Her best friend Winter. There was Cal. And her, Summer. They believe they were the only survivors in their town. And they had no choice but to run. Summer looked back at the moaning, walking corpses. Her breathing was shallow and slowing. She was getting tired, and the corpses were keeping up to her slow pace.

Cal looked back at Summer, feeling a pang of guilt for not helping her. He scooped her up in a piggy back ride and continued running. Summer widened her eyes, but dared not to scream. They need to escape quickly. Summer looked terrified at the zombies. The walking corpses. There have been theories of how they came to be, and they all sound believable, but none of them are true. Such as, the theory of how the government wanted to revive the dead and it was an experiment gone wrong, false. The theory of how it was contagious through bite, false. Although it is contagious. Through the air, that is. And so the truth that the three haven't found out yet is that they've already been 'infected'. All they have to do is die and then become the mindless walking creatures.

Cal, Summer, and Winter were sure that they had made it into a safe house. Every 'safe house' sure is safe. That is, temporarily safe. Cal set Summer down and smiled. Summer tried to smile, but she looked down, tears blurring her view.

"Summer, what is it?" Cal asked, clearly worried.

"I-I could have saved them." She stuttered, voice breaking.

"Saved who?"

"Mom, dad, and…Adam."

"Adam Bosshart? You don't even know if he's dead; and, he has Megan Graves."

Her body shook from the tears and sorrow. "You don't know anything! We-we're the only ones left! We saw the school get that by the bite and whatever."

He set a hand on her shoulder and she shook him off. His heart felt a sting, as if an arrow shot through his heart. He then gave a cold, hard look and went towards a boarded up window. They had started for the gate, but they weren't smart enough to get it….yet.

"I-I'm going to search for supplies." Summer got up and went down a ladder, holding a flashlight she had in her pocket. After several minutes Winter started to worry. "Cal, shouldn't we worry about her?"

He gave a short grunt in reply and answered her in a raspy, low voice. "Why should we worry about her? She doesn't care."

They heard a screech and Winter slid down the ladder. Cal stopped short of the ladder because Winter started backing up. Summer was held by a guy their age in a black suit, black mask, grey eyes and blondish hair.

"Hello, Adam."

"Cal…how did you know?"

Cal started counting the reasons on his fingers. "First of all, it's a small town; second, you're the only one with grey eyes and blondish hair."

He gave a small smile. "You're good, Cal. Very good. That's why, I've decided we should work together."

"Work together? Why would I work with someone who stole the girl I lo-" Cal had stopped mid-sentence, not wanting to say the rest.

"What? Girl you what, Cal?" Adam interrupted.

"What does it matter to you? She's my best friend since…since birth!" Cal answered nervously.

"And completely and utterly in love…with me." Adam smiled with such a dark aura that caused Cal to shudder.

Cal looked down as if he was just slapped, while Summer smiled and replied. "That's true, Adam, I do. But what about…Megan?"

Adam looked at Summer with no feelings, just emptiness, as if he didn't care about his girlfriend. Apparently Summer didn't notice and most likely took it as sorrow instead of emptiness. "I…I couldn't save her."

Summer looked up and tears formed in the corner of her eyes. "I-I know the feeling. But I'm glad you're safe, Adam."

Adam smiled a fake smile, but Summer didn't know that. He was just using her. He was using her to his advantage; as his step up to survival.

Summer smiled back at Adam, real, not noticing the fake smile he gave. I guess you could say love is blind. She then slipped down the ladder, looking for the supplies Adam had already scavenged through. "I-I found a bat, a sword, some food, and…a gun. Along with some ammo."

Cal narrowed his eyes and looked at Adam. "Why didn't you get that stuff? We know you took some of it from there."

Adam gave a sly smile and replied. "I'm filled with stuff already."

Winter knew about Summer's crush, but hated Adam, so she went out with it. "Right, you're going to kill us the moment we least expect it, aren't you?"

Summer opened her mouth in a wide O, clearly surprised. "Winter! Why would you say that?"

"It's because, he…." Winter looked away, afraid to reply. "You'll find out sooner or later." She then left them, looking out the window, not saying a word.

Summer bit her lip, wanting to know, but instead looked at Adam for an answer. He shrugged, and they sat in the safe house enveloped in silence, not knowing what to do next.

Several hours later, Summer was leaning on Winter, asleep. Winter was holding the sword in one hand and a pistol in the other. She looked at the ammo supply and nodded, satisfied. She looked out the window towards the moaning corpses and she spat out a curse word. They were finally getting through the gate. "Hey, Cal, you might want to hurry up that conversation with Adam."

"Alright, Winter!" Cal looked at Adam. "What happened to Megan? And tell the truth since we might die anyway."

Adam smirked. "Let me tell you in detail, since you want to know so badly. We were running from the school, and she was smiling, glad that she made it out with me. I smiled; glad to have someone along with me. But the direction we were running, it had a hoard of zombies. We had no chance. Megan eventually fell and got taken away. But she didn't get bitten. She bled to death and turned. I'm guessing we're already infected. All you have to do is die, and boom; you're a zombie. How about that, we play games with zombies, and we end up in a world of it?" Adam gave a hearty laugh, despite the situation.

Cal gave him a disgusted expression and turned away. "Just…check on those zombies."

Adam gave a short nod, knowing that he had won the battle. Adam climbed up the ladder and checked up on the zombies. Once Adam was gone, Cal took the supplies Adam stole and stuffed them into his duffel bag. He climbed up the ladder swiftly and carried Summer in his arms, duffel bag on top of her. He gave Winter a silent signal and she nodded, leaving Adam alone, leaning out the window while shooting the incoming zombies. Cal started to leave, but he looked back at Winter, seeing as she has not moved. She turned back, making Cal wonder what she'll do next. At this moment, Summer was awake. She looked at Winter wondering also. Winter looked at Adam and jogged towards him. She then pushed him out the window, him cursing, and she shut the window. She then jogged over to Cal, Adam pounding at the window.

Summer was crying and clawing at Cal, telling him to let her go, to let her claim her side by Adam, but Cal didn't let go. "Cal. Please, please. Stop. No, no, no!" Her hand was reached out to Adam, but the distance between them was increasing.

They finally got to a new area that was eerily silent. They looked to the high building, the one with the red, circled H on it. There seemed to be lights in that area. Cal gave Winter a curt nod and off they went. They jogged towards it, as fast as they could, Summer slowing them down. She was sobbing, quietly, into Cal's chest.

Cal bit his lip, his heart stinging with every cry Summer gave off. "Cal," Winter's voice interrupted his thoughts, and its coldness making it sound dragged out. He gave her a questioning look. "Get your priorities straight. Save love for later. Survival is number one at the moment. Don't forget that. Ever."

Cal was surprised by those words, as Winter barely spoke since the tragic nation event. "Winter. I-I won't forget."

She nodded in satisfaction and jerked her head towards the building. Cal loosened his grip on Summer and looked around. The walking dead were nowhere to be found. They seemed to be at the "safe house". But still, Cal decided to scope out his surroundings. Winter went in slowly, looking everywhere for zombies. Summer was still shaking in tears. Cal gave a hard look to Summer, but didn't say anything.

"Summer, shut up." Winter's voice hissed, low, near to silence.

"W-what?" Summer said, surprised that Winter would tell her such an atrocity.

"I said shut up," Winter hissed. "The zombies will hear you. The rotten flesh, I can smell it. They're somewhere in this building."

"Oh." Summer replied, softer. Cal let Summer down from his arms and they quietly stepped a couple feet, being aware of their surroundings. They then clicked the button for the elevator. The light was dimly lighted on the down arrow. The doors opened and out came a moaning corpse. "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! That's gross!" Summer gave a short shriek and the moans crescendo, coming towards the trio.

The elevator zombie grabs Winter's foot and she stabs the sword into its head. It groans as a black liquid dribbles out of its ears, mouth, nose, and eyes. Summer grimaced as Cal and Winter pull her towards the stairs. They shut the door behind them, it being a barrier between them and the zombies. "It won't hold for long, Summer, Cal. We have to do our best to get out of here." Winter said with an odd calmness. There were several zombies coming down the stairs and Cal pushed them over. They ran as fast as they could up the stairs without tripping or using the pistol.

"Oh, I forgot!" Cal said, bopping his forehead in frustration.

"What is it?" Summer asked, curious.

He gave a hearty grin and answered her. "I stole Adam's goods."

"I'd give you a high-five, but no time for that." Winter answered quickly.

Summer looked down, tears blurring her view, and she nearly tripped. Cal grasped her arm with concern. "I got you. Don't worry about the zombie."

Summer nodded, clearing her mind of Adam. They then finally reached up the top floor. Winter started barricading the entryway, while Cal dumped the bag. It had several guns and plenty ammo. Summer was overlooking the railing and her mouth formed a perfect O. "G-guys?" Her voice replied shakily. Cal came over, while Winter continued making a barricade.

"Oh. My. God." Cal was also as surprised as Summer. The whole, vast, area was swarmed with rotten smelling, green corpses.

Summer's eyebrows crinkled together. "Do…do you think we'll make it? Alive and not as zombies?"

Cal looked at her and gave her a hug. "We'll make it Summer. And if I don't make it, then you and Winter should."

Summer shook her head and searched through the dumped goods. She found a sniper rifle and used the scope to aim at a zombie. That zombie looks like someone I know, she thought. She slowly pulled the trigger when she realized who it was. A tear slipped from her eye as the trigger was finally fully pulled. Mom. I'm sorry. Mom. I love you. I miss you. Goodbye. I'm sorry I couldn't tell you that before. The bullet impacted the corpse's skull. Black blood splatter against other zombies, but they continued to move on, as if they had seen nothing. Then again, as zombies, they have lost the ability to reason, as they had died.

Summer bit her lip and aimed once more. She recognized every single one of the zombies and hot tears slid down her cheeks as she pulled the trigger on each one. Once she shot over 2 dozen zombies, she fell back and the tears sloped down her cheeks faster. She mumbled apologies to the mindless souls. Or the soulless bodies, that is.

Cal picked her up and hugged her. "Summer, if we don't make it out of this situation, I want you to know that I love you. I always have." He said with sure confidence.

Winter smirked, as she finished the barricade. "Took you long enough to confess, you dope."

Summer widened her eyes. "Y-you always have? And how did you know, Winter?"

Winter grinned heartily and gave Summer a noogie. "It was obvious. You're just a bit dense."

Summer laughed passionately. "That, is the truth."

There was a whirring above their heads and they looked up as their hair flew all over the place. It was help. "Oh it's a helicopter!" They ran off to the side so the air-borne vehicle could land.

Once it had landed, several men hopped out and the teenagers jumped into the helicopter, hoping to be safe.

"Are there any other survivors?" The man yelled, under the tremendous noise of the helicopter.

"Not that we know of," Summer yelled equally in volume.

"Alright then, we're setting off!" He started flying the chopper up and to a safer destination.

Cal whispered into Summer's ear. "Summer will you do the honor of being my girlfriend?"

Summer felt a heat rise to her cheeks, as she had been secretly in love with Cal, but put those feelings away due to their friendship. "Yes!" She hugged Cal and he hugged her back, basking her in happiness, putting away the traumatic memories that will be imprinted in their mind, even if it's just for a while, they'll put it away.

They thought they were safe. Well, they thought wrong.