Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Mirror mirror on the wall
why do you betray me so?
Distorted and disfigured,
tossed aside so easily,
you will never know
how much you
hurt me so.
Is it too much to ask, mirror?
To desire love?
To know that you aren't what
the rumors harshly whisper
about behind your back?
To be accepted?

Your snide remarks
and silver tongue
are enough to leave the wounds
bleeding for days
and the bruises to hideously
turn purple and yellow.
Why do you mock me so, mirror?
Why is she the one
that you adore so fondly?
To hear her name upon your ragged lips
and her image in those heartless eyes?

Perhaps it is not you, mirror.
Maybe it is me. Too ugly,
too hideous behind the invincible
I bear day after day,
hiding away the pain and suffering.
Desolation and agony is my friend,
Much more than you ever will be.
And in the dead of night,
beyond those ever judging eyes,
I am unable to tear away the illusion
for I fear that if I was to remove it
I would be broken.

But I am stronger than that.
I am a Queen upon a throne of thorns.
Law is my word and mine alone
and no one, especially her,
will be able to take that away.
For my will is stronger,
created from an ocean of tears and
of blood.
My enemies will bow down to my rule,
my power,
begging for their lives to be spared.
And I will reject their cries
for the wrong they have done is unforgivable.

Yet as I stare into you, mirror,
I only see a broken slave
of the horrors of the world.
The throne is destroyed and the kingdom
in flames.
And there I am, stripped of my possessions,
of the little sanity
I have left.
Your words are cruel and stab
my heart deeper than any sword, mirror.
Why do you deny me so, mirror?

Why do you ignore me, mirror?
Why do you cast me aside, mirror?
Why do you not listen to my pleas, mirror?
Why do you bound me to this living hell, mirror?

Why do you show me the truth, mirror mirror on the wall?