Ben smiled at me, "You're beautiful." I blushed, and my best friend Selena covered her eyes. "Not in front of me please!" And Ben and I laughed. Our hands were intertwined, and I felt totally at peace...

Then there was a bang, and then the screeching of metal. Ben's hand was ripped from mine and I felt myself being lifted into the air. I screamed and tried to move, but all I saw was black and little pieces of random vegetation or metal or something that looked like pavement. There was a sickening sound and then I lost feeling. I screamed again, but nothing came out. I tried to move my arms; to hold onto something. But I found nothing. There was another sound, and then I couldn't see. But I still heard everything. I kept screaming and screaming. For Ben, for Selena, my mom, dad anyone. But no reply came; if it did, I didn't hear.

Screaming, screeching, and a bright white light, and then nothing.


When I woke up, I had no idea where I was. I felt something hard underneath me, and both my legs were on fire and so was my right arm. I tried to open my eyes, but it felt like they were taped shut. I started to panic, and tried to move my body. All I got was a big wall of pain shoved in my face, and my head swam. I wanted to see something; Ben's eyes, Selena's bright face. Oh god, where were they? What happened to them?

I tried moving again, but again I had no progress. I was starting to get really scared. "Ben!" I tried to scream, but nothing came out. It was like I was drowning while being tied up and I hated the feeling. "We need to get her out of here now!" Someone shouted. Why could I hear? I felt that airless feeling again, and then I was rolling fast. The feeling was making me sick.

"Hang in there sweetie." Someone whispered. And then I blacked out.


Where was I?

I didn't know because I still couldn't see anything. I tried to open my eyes, but I just couldn't. There just wasn't anything there. I could hear a little bit, but not much. I caught onto some words, but found myself skipping other things.

I tried to listen to someone talking close by, but I kept fading in and out; missing words. "Stable …. Car accident … Fatal … Four teens … Two survivors …." I let out a strangled cry, which I could only partly hear, and then I lost consciousness.


My hearing was better this time around, and I could listen to at least some conversation now. I still couldn't open my eyes, and that was the most disturbing thing. I wanted to see where I was, and I wish that I could talk so I could ask who the survivors were.

There was a pang of pain that hit me, but it wasn't physical. It was a pain in my heart that no one else could fix. I knew that I had survived, but who else survived? What happened anyways? All I remember is Ben looking at me with his beautiful blue eyes, Selena laughing and then … Darkness.

What happened to us?

And why can't I see?


The pain of not knowing has gotten to me.

If Ben is gone … I don't know what I'd do. We'd talked about spending the rest of our lives together; growing old and as soon as we graduated, we'd move in together, he'd get a job and we'd make our own life. I wouldn't find anyone like him again. He was my everything, and I wanted to be with him, no one else. I would never love, or feel the same again.

If Selena was gone … I'd cry forever. Not only in my heart, but in my mind, soul, and spirit. We've been best friends since I could remember. I grew up with her; we planned on going to college together, and being each others bride maids and raiding our children together. She would grow old me and Ben. We were the three musketeers …

But now there was only two.


I can't move a muscle, and trust me, I've tried. But all attempts end with me blacking out for hours.

This reminds me of when I got into a fight with this one girl, and she hit my neck really hard and almost paralyzed me. My parents almost sued her family. It was a big mess, and to this day we don't speak to each other unless there is no other choice.

Another pang hits me, and I realize that I haven't even though about my family once.

Where are my parents? My big brother who graduated today? That's when I remembered.

We were leaving Greg's graduation party. Ben, Selena and I were heading home to my house. I tried to remember something else, and then let out a scream.

My brother was in the car too.


I was knocked out for a couple of hours, after that last realization.

The nurse says that there we're only two survivors. If one of them is me... Then that means that two people in that car died.

Two of the people who mean the most to me in this entire world, are dead.


I was getting better at hearing conversations. Sure, I was still missing words, but it was better than being deaf.

One nurse had come and was moving something around. Then all the noise stopped, and I was confused. Then I heard her talking to me, but I couldn't hear all the words.

"This is your choice, you know. If you want to stay, or go. I won't tell you anything bad, because the doctors said … Anyways, I really hope you choose to stay... It isn't that bad … But I will tell you one thing."I strained to hear everything, I wanted to hear what this nurse had to say.

"We found a way to save you all."