This is based off of an oldies song with the same title but I think it holds a lot of truth. I sort of just did my own spin on it.

"Smiling Faces"

I don't trust that anyone could be so sincere,
I don't believe that your words are clear.

There's a hidden motive somewhere I know,
Along the way I'll get hurt even more.

You own a multitude of masks, different faces you have,
The one you wear for me; a smiling face.

Smiling faces,

Smiling faces that tell lies.

I hate feeling like I owe you,
that much is true.

I find myself growing tired,
you've proven only to be a liar.

Still you show me that smiling face,
A face of utter distaste.

I can't wait to be rid of you,
and yet it still hurts .

I wanted to believe in your smiling face
Your smiling face that tells lies.