I wish I was strong enough
to tell you I'm okay.
And truly, sincerely
mean it.

I wish I could hide my scars
under a sweatshirt,
so you and I would forget
for just a little while.

I wish I could simply
wipe away all of the
hurt on my face,
all of the tears.

I wish I could put my sleeved arm
around your body,
and hold you, just hold you,
until you felt better.

I wish I could run my fingers
through your hair,
and whisper to you
that everything was alright.

I wish I could show you,
truly show you,
how much
I love you.

I wish I was there,
telling you it was okay.
Telling you that I was there,
making sure you were alright.

I wish I could help you
the way
you've helped