Ben saw darkness. He was floating in an open space. He could not breathe. He saw a dim light. He waited for death to take him.

It didn't come. The water was pounded out of his lungs. He was poked and prodded. He had no strength; he couldn't return to life.

He was hidden in a hole and left alone. He slept.

Ben woke up. He could open his eyes again. He shook the dirt off his body, but he was to weak to climb out of the hole.

He scrabbled, twisted, and turned. He was stuck. He thumped for anyone to help. He called for Danielle.

Danielle sat up suddenly. When Ben had left, there was a hole in her stomach, like something was missing. Now she felt something stirring, rising, calling for help. Her instinct took her to the hole she had buried him.

She kicked away the dirt covering the hole. There was Ben. He was weak and motionless, but he could breathe. He was alive.

Danielle pulled him up and danced like a rabbit. This consists of turning in lopsided circles, hopping crazily, pounding back feet, etc.

Ben moved. He crawled over to her and kissed her. A rabbit kiss, a gentle lick on the nose.

And then, Danielle knew, Ben had made his decision. He had made the best decision. He had ended his depression.

This would be the beginning of their new lives. Their normal lives, like normal brown rabbits.

Ben and Danielle lived until they were old rabbits with gray fur. Ben forgot any incidence with him and a white rabbit, hopping down a dirt road.