you want me to die.
is that it?
you want the burden i am
to be lifted off your shoulders.

its alright.
im alright.
we all die eventually.
today, tomorrow, meh.

its truly all the same.
i understand.
im an annoying bitch.
we all know.

its okay.
shh, dont cry.
crying is for wimps.
youre better than that.

or maybe you arent.
i dont know anymore.
but its whatever.
you can want me dead.

its better off this way,
i remember.
haha. yeahhh.

so, ummm...
this burden
is no more.

or it is.
i cant tell.
right now,
i might eat a popscicle.

or i might go to the park
and sit on the swing.
and swing and swing
with the cold wind stinging my face.

because thats one type of pain
i truly like.
it reminds me of when
things were alright.

(of when i was alright.)