So I've been told
That I'm still in love
That I've got a few pieces missing
Lost in further in the mix

I couldn't stand it
Of how history could dissipate
Of how emotions facilitate
The ability to love and its capacity to break

I got to speak
With living insight at its peak
They said that there's a piece that I'll always keep
Even though I had only been a piece of meat

I've heard and have been told
Even when I had dreams of her in the gold
That her heart had never been touched
And blazed with a sub-zero cold

Wisdom had told me
That she only wanted a body
Entwined with hers
All her hopes were just dreams of my body...

A blazing feeling that's become an echo
That seething feeling that's chilled out and mellowed
I would just hope that she cannot see
The love that hasn't dissolved completely