POV: The Princess

Chapter Five: Family Matters

"Rachel's dead, Georgia. You might not have wished it on her," of course she didn't, "but you must realize your life is going to change for the better now that she's out of the picture. I think you're ready to begin helping me directly."

"I-I'm honored, of course, Princess..."

I don't bother to listen to the rest of her babble. "You will help me by finding a replacement for Rachel." She winces at the name, but realizes I don't mean another tormentor. "We will take rooms in a rent house at the next city along the road. Your choice may be a boy or a girl. You will have as long as you need, as I will be engaged in research for several weeks."

A few days later, I feel Rachel climbing in through the window. I go into the hall and say simply, "Why are you here?"

It takes her a while to form a response – I am looking at her. Finally, she forces out, "I was meeting with someone."

"What was his name?"

Blushing, she replies, "R-Ralph."

"And what were you doing with him?"

"We –" I love watching them squirm. "– we were... being intimate," she finishes lamely. "Princess."

"Where does Ralph live?"

"On the river side of the second hill from the water. I can show you –"

"No, not tonight. I am close to finishing my research. You should hurry. You might have three more days, but you should not rely on that."

I watch her face as it goes from shocked disbelief, to anger, and finally to resignation. "Yes, Princess."

The very next day, early in the morning, I hear Georgia coming in – through the door this time. She has a boy with her. I don't even bother confirming it is him, saying, "Georgia has told you who I am?"

"You're her princess."

"No, Ralph." I lean in closer, paralyzing his will with a thought. "I'm your Princess."