Amethyst Priest is a rare girl, even for her family. Named for her unusual eye color, she's the first priestess to ever be born. It's her job, as it was her ancestors', to keep demons from overrunning the Earth. But as December 21st approaches, more and more demons are breaking the barrier in an attempt to take over Earth again. One demon in particular attacks Amethyst head on.

Lukas is the youngest son of the Demon King, sent to Earth on a mission to kill the only human able to stop his father: Amethyst. Instead of killing him, however, Amethyst puts a spell on him, binding his powers and rendering him a mere human. Unable to return home, he ends up staying with Amethyst. But there's something about Lukas that has Amethyst slowly trusting him, despite it being against everything she's been taught.

What happens when the most powerful member of the Priest Family starts falling for the most dangerous demon?

After all, nothing good can come from a demon's kiss.

A Demon's Kiss

My farther used to tell me stories about a time when demons ruled the world.

He always said that it was a terrible time for mankind. No matter where you walked, dead bodies littered the grounds — some strangers, some family and friends. It was either listen to what you were told or be killed. Be a slave or die.

No one stood in their way. Fires devoured thousands of forests, floods swallowed gaping amounts of land, and tornadoes mixed the vast oceans together. It was a never-ending chaos.

There was one that ruled above them all, however, almost like a king.

His name was Lucifer.

Now, Lucifer wasn't like what parents tell their children. He wasn't hideous with ghastly red skin and horn or a pitchfork and tail. No. This demon was more terrifying for another reason.

He looked human.

Gorgeously human, in fact. Soft dark skin with teasing hazel eyes and a tight body that looked like it had been carved from a rare stone by God himself. He was also very cunning, able to convince even the oldest demons to do anything he wanted without even lifting a finger.

Don't get me wrong. He was strong, unbelievably so, but there was no need for power when all you had to do was smile and the nearest creature — demon and human alike — would be kissing your feet, worshipping you like you were some god.

They ruled without rival for thousands of years, causing most of humanity to run on extinction.

That is, until one man defied them.

Alexander Priest was the first of my family line. On accident, he discovered he had powers unlike any other. With just a glare, a weak demon would burn. If he lost his temper, several demons simply burst.

His words had power.

After experimenting with phrases from the ancient tongue, he developed a book of spells and rituals that could repel and kill all demons.

He was the first to take on the Demon King in a battle that lasted for several years.

Because of Lucifer's powers and abilities, Alexander couldn't kill him, and because of Alexander's spiritual powers, Lucifer was unable to kill him. Instead, Alexander banished him and all of his followers into another dimension — one filled with nothing but frostbitten blackness — and sealed it with his most powerful enchantment that not even Lucifer himself could break.

However, Lucifer didn't take defeat well. He swore he'd be back when "the sun overtook the moon and comets dug at the Earth's crust."

Humanity was safe and Alexander Priest was a hero.

But a spell can only last so long. Cracks, small, unnoticeable rifts in the barrier, started forming, allowing demons to escape from the lifeless dimension and back into our own, trying, once again, to take over the world. Without Lucifer, their main source of power, however, they were easily dealt with.

The Priest Family then became a line of Priests, dedicated to protecting humanity from demons.

Soon, the story of Alexander Priest faded into history, becoming modified stories for the bible and other Holy texts.

"It's our job as the Priest Family to protect human kind, Amethyst," my father would say. "Soon, it'll be your job too."