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Warning: Does have a bit of chemistry and a few chemical terms in it, but they're not really relevant to the story.

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Don't listen to Jenny Mathews. I'm the reason that in our school, geeks ruled.

Of course, it helps that majority of the geeks are the extremely good looking jocks, and they are the ruling party, while the rest of us just fill the remaining of the blanks.

Me, I was more of the cheesy nerd-geek, who swapped chemistry jokes with the other geeks and wore hideous black-framed glasses. Not like the other 'cool' geeks who were capable of balancing equations in their heads while riding their skateboards.

Our 'King-Geek' was Dirk Blade. Cool name for the coolest (and smartest) kid on the block. It wasn't always that way; you can ask Jenny about this, I was the one that turned Dirk around.

Back in sixth grade, when we were in Science class together, Dirk was the dumbest jock on the block. I kid you not, I overheard him explain to two of his followers (Jenny was one of them) that Carbon was a "cheating-piece-of-sh*t" because despite it forming Carbon Monoxide with one Oxygen atom, it also tended to form Carbon Dioxide with two Oxygen atoms.

"So despite being married to one Oxygen, it sought out another Oxygen for itself and tried to make things work. I mean what it up with that? That Carbon is one dirty little girl" he smirk.

Somewhere, Neils Bhor was turning in his grave, wishing he were a zombie to eat Dirk's brain. Then again, maybe not, Dirk didn't have much of a brain back then.

"Are you crazy?" I whipped around and confronted him. Me, the shy, silent blend-into-the-background-Emily. It startled him, which was good, because I proceeded with "Have you no idea what you're saying? Carbon has a valence of 4, Oxygen has 2 with two lone pairs. This allows Carbon to form different molecules with Oxygen, including the ionic CO3 negative" I spat at him. My mother was a Chemical Engineer and I personally had a love for the subject.

"So Carbon can get it on with three Oxygen atoms? Righteous!" he replied, looking me up and down; then repeating the look for the two girls falling over him. "Miss Falter, I accept your proposition for a foursome" he bit his lower lip, probably knowing fully well how it enhanced his appeal.

"Ugh!" I replied, digging into my bag and pulling out a scrap of paper. I scribbled 'spdf' on it and handed it over to him. "When you figure out what that means, in scientific terms, then we'll talk" I said, taking my cue from the ringing bell and walking out without looking back.

I didn't think much of it, until a few days later when I was taking my books out of the locker and I felt someone's presence next to mine. I looked up to see Dirk, standing more close to me than I was comfortable with, seemingly studying me.

"Yes?" I asked, slamming my locker shut and ignoring my erratic heartbeats. "Electronic configuration" he replied. "What?" I asked, confused. "S, p, d, f. At first I thought they were a code for something, like your phone number or whatever, but curiosity got the better of me. Then I found out about quantum chemistry and about the atomic shells and sub-shells"

I was rendered speechless. "Anyway, just wanted to thank you for introducing me to all that. I… I'll see you around, okay?"

Which happened to be the last time I spoke to Dirk in school. By the end of the school year, suddenly everyone was studying. It was considered 'cool', and Dirk 'started' it. He also managed to top that year, and every year since.

It should have been the last time we ever spoke, except I'm quite sure we spoke sometime last night, because today morning, I work up with the biggest headache and none other than Dirk Blade lying beside me, on my bed. And neither of us had our clothes on.

It's been a year since I graduated from college. Dirk and I went to separate colleges and I didn't see him since that last day of school. It was intentional, I'd developed this huge crush on him over the years and I figured I wanted to get over that before I entered college, so I avoided all interactions with him and his gang.

It worked, too. I nearly forgot all about Dirk, until I got a message from him a few days ago, saying he was in town and he was simply looking up some old friends and classmates to hang out with. He left a message saying he was at some fancy hotel, and I could meet him in the café any evenings till the day-after, when he was flying back.

The message shocked me. I had no idea he even remembered who I was, let alone think he'd look me up to 'hang-out'! I didn't have the courage to go that first evening, and the second evening, I was so distracted, my best-friend Maya was easily able to worm it out of me. Last night, she'd handed me my first drink 'for courage', which I emptied in one go, and then proceeded to meet Dirk.

That's the last coherent thought in my head. Apparently, I couldn't handle my alcohol well at all, because, I'm sure I'm hung-over. (Okay, so I exaggerated, it wasn't "a drink", more like "a bottle". What's the difference?!)

"Good morning, Em" a lazy voice greeted me, and I turned to face a smiling Dirk. He casually laid a hand around my waist and pulled me close, planting a kiss on my lips before I could say much else.

Funny, he smelt of alcohol too. And sounded quite dazed. Did he think he was dreaming? But why use my name in his dream?

I pushed him away as politely as I could, still trying to wrap my head around things. I pulled a sheet out with me and accidentally knocked my alarm clock over. He yelped and sat up straight, burying his head between his knees. He continued to groan for a while, as I watched the muscles on his back ripple. I saw tiny teeth and nail marks on his shoulder and shuddered as a memory flashed in front of my eyes.

I had made those marks.

I blinked as the rather steamy images faded, unable to believe what I was seeing. My eyes itched, apparently I'd fallen asleep with my contact lenses in place, but I didn't dare remove them in case Dirk vaporized and this was all just a dream. A rather delicious dream. Delicious…

"Dirk Blade, aren't you looking simply delicious today?"


"What? Can't recognize me without my glasses and mousy hair? I grew up, Dirk! It happens. And now, I have the attention of any man I want!"

Oh God! Had I really said all that?

"Any man?" he asked

"Some men. A man. I dated Justin that once" I blurted as the room began to spin.

"But you… Now I have your attention…" I continued, leaning across the table clumsily.

"And what are you going to do about it?" he asked, pushing an empty glass aside and meeting me half way.

"I…" I was fumbling "I…" I tried again. "Kiss you" I gave up and simplified what I had to say, before he closed the gap between us.

I sank back onto the bed, covering my face with my hands. What had I done!

"I'm really sorry, Em!" Dirk said from beside me, sounding as queasy as I did.

He was sorry?! I pulled myself to a sitting position, my back facing his.

"I didn't know if you'd come and I was nervous, so I had a few drinks…"

"You were drunk?!" I whipped around to ask, unable to believe what I was hearing. "I'm sorry, it's not an excuse for what happened…" he started, turning towards me, but I wasn't listening to that.

"Why were you drunk?" I asked.

He fell silent and looked away. "I'm trying to tell you, Em. I was nervous about meeting you" he said again, staring at a spot somewhere on the opposite wall. "Nervous? About meeting me?!" I repeated like a parrot, unable to believe the words.

"Well, yeah, Falter, you know I had that crush on you since high-school" he replied, looking wearily into my eyes. "What?!" I thundered.

"Come on, Em, stop playing games. Everyone knew I've had a crush on you since sixth grade…"

"I've had a crush on you since sixth grade!" I yelled, correcting him, before realizing what I'd said.

He quickly moved so that he was sitting in front of me, placing his hands on my waist and held me steady. I refused to meet his gaze as I bit my lip and tried to control my spreading blush. "You have a crush on me?" he asked, using on hand to raise my chin upward. I refused to look at him or reply.

"I have a crush on you, Emily Falter. More than a crush. I think we have something here, Em" he said quietly.

My eyes finally darted to his. "What?" I whispered. "I swear, I never meant for this to happen. I was supposed to charm you over dinner and make you slowly fall in love with me over the next few months…" he admitted, paling slightly at his raw admission. "Why now?" I asked, still a bit dull with the hang over. "Because I haven't been able to stop thinking about you since the last time I saw you. And when my boss asked me if I'd like to transfer to this city, where I know you live, with a raise and better position, it seemed like a sign. I wanted to meet with you to see if there was anything between us, or whether I'd just been imagining things. But when you walked through that door, looking so amazing and beautiful, with no ring on your finger, I knew I had to at least try"

Okay, I'm a complete softy, and that little speech of his made me weak in the knees. He was saying that to me. I let out a small smile. "Stalker, much?" I asked, placing my hands around his neck. "Tempting much?" he murmured back, his gaze following the slip of the sheet I'd wrapped around myself.

I paused an inch away from his mouth. Was I consciously doing this? What if it was all a mistake? What did I really know about the guy now anyway?

I looked at him, seeing the same person I'd sneered at and fallen in love with over the years. But was he really the same?

"Em" he breathed, waiting for me to close the gap. "Seriously, you're killing me"

What if he was drunk now? What if this was all the alcohol talking?

"Em?" he asked, pulling slightly back to look at me, catching my insecure look. "I'm sorry. We don't have to do this if you don't want to. Why don't we take things slow and get to know each other first-" he began, pulling away.

I kept my hands securely where they were. "What element comes after Sodium?" I asked. "I- what? Magnesium, but-"

I closed the gap. We fell back on the bed, me on top of him, he crushing me close.

"If I'd have known it were that simple, I'd have recited the periodic table on your eighteen birthday" he huffed, when we finally broke for air. I grinned into his chest. "Are you calling me easy, mister?" I pretended to sound hurt. "Easy? Lady, I went about learning the Mole concept within a day for you. And even after that I didn't get your number!"

"You never asked!" I replied. "I lost the courage to! You and your big brown eyes! You're intimidating and charming at the same time! Sassing me about 'spdf', and telling me 'we'd talk' after I figure it out" he countered.

"How can you remember what I said from so long ago?" I grinned against his mouth. "You'd think I'll forget? That was a turning point in my life!" he replied. "Really?" I asked, loving the feeling of being enveloped by him. All my insecurities were still there, but looking into his perfect eyes, I was willing to give it a shot. After all, he'd made quite a leap of faith himself.

"Really" he said, kissing me senseless again. "Any other turning points I should know about?" I teased. He nodded, flipping me on my back and supporting himself on his palms, teasing me with trailing kisses on my collarbone.

"Well" he said between kisses "sometime in the future, I plan on you having my quadruplets" he said. "What?!" I exclaimed, trying to sit up, but he'd caged me down. "Uh huh" he nodded his head, distracting me as his kisses got lower. "We'll call them S, P, D and F"

I should have seen that coming. "Corny line!" I said, trying to sound offended while swallowing a laugh. "I'm serious!" he sounded mock-hurt, but I flipped him over, moving on top "I warn you, a lifetime with me means a lifetime of cheesy chemistry jokes!" I said.

His face broke into the biggest grin I've ever seen. "Potassium*" he replied, and I felt that right then, I was the luckiest girl in the world.

A/N: *If you didn't get the joke, the symbol for Potassium is 'K'. This is often a Chemical joke, using Potassium as a substitute for "Okay"

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