Prologue-(Based somewhat off of Eragon)

The shout echoed fainter at every turn. A girl about 13 whipped past now blurry stone houses, dim light was given off from the bluish glow of the street lanterns. At the girl's side tirelessly trotted a white body, a dragon hatchling. The crescent moon offered little light as they escaped the small town's borders. Alexis slid to a halt, desperately trying to catch her breath she sat down and moved her red hair out of her face. The white dragon hatchling's head was only up to Alexi's waist. The dragon was carrying a dark brown bag invisible in the darkness and then, it dropped it, biting the tied top off. Alexis stared into the white dragon's blue eyes," What could i ever do without you, Syena" The hatchling hummed so only the girl could hear.

Dawn broke the night's forbidding, dark rule and cast bright rays. Syena strode over to a small campfire burning lightly and small. You couldn't make a bigger fire than that? Syena chuckled as she touched Alexis's mind. You would rather me burn you? We cant risk being seen or followed, Alexis replied, though Syena could tell she didn't mean it, happily she dropped a large white dove. Alexis looked gratefully at her and started plucking feathers. She could tell that Syena had already eaten by her red stained muzzle. Alexis stepped on the fire leaving small chars. I wish you were bigger I want to fly with you...
I, too... Replied Syena. They set off, for a new adventure.