Where were you!
You don't notice do you?

Am I that invisible?

Amazing that I managed to see

Every time you needed me.

But where were you?

When my world is crashing down,

I look for help,

What a ride awakening to find

No one is around.

I held your hands!

I soaked up your tears,

I told you I understand,

I was your rock for years and years!

But here I am,

Falling on my knees,

I'm clawing for a hand to hold

A life rope

But all I feel is empty.

Thanks for all your time,

I'd hate to waist it,

Tell yourself I'm fine,

You don't notice the

Blood red lines.

My eyes are puffy and red

Can't force myself out of bed

But you go ahead and tell yourself

I can work it out in my own head.

How do you reason, after all I did for you,

You don't owe me at least a second or two?

I would love to hear that excuse.

But I'd hate to put you out,

As a matter of fact, now, if you come

By, I'll just tell you to get out.

I don't need your pity,

I needed my friend.

The one who could remind me of

The real me.

The one who could save me.

But hey, you couldn't be bothered,

You had what, plants to water?

So yea, just give me a while

And once a again I'll

Fake my wonderfully practiced smile.

I'll tell you I'm ok.

And you can believe I never

Needed you anyway.

And don't you worry

Don't you cry,

When you need me,

I'll be there to get you through the night,

Because that's the type of friend I AM

Not all of us are just playing pretend.