Dear Kitty Tanya:
imma throw a bomb on ya
and youre gonna die
cuz you got no armor

dear Cat
youre so fat
i want to hit you
with a baseball bat

youre so huge
meowing is your refuge
but when you meow
my anger is a deluge

i want to kill you
cuz meowwwww is all you do
i have a feeling
others feel that way too
so, kitty Tanya, please go die.

imma murder you,
i wont lie
and when youre dead?
i wont cry

do yo love me now, kitty?
thinkin youre so witty...
im crushing your kitty dreams
of moving to the big city.

no more meowww,
you fat cow
when youre dead
ill take a bow

(i think meoww is
i love you
in kitty language.