Over Kill

I never thought I become anything but a house wife never in my wildest dreams did I think my life would have more meaning or even have a turn for the worse not until I met him.

Chapter One- Growing up

Growing up was a simple life Daddy was a preacher makin me a Preacher's daughter my mom was the daughter of a rancher so we lived on the family farm. Homeschool all my life took care of chickens pigs and sheep, went on cattle drives with Ma by time I was 9. Rode horse all day went to church school all night long. That was my life till I became a legal age for marriage.

I meet a nice church boy when I was eighteen. Dated him for five years. Till he put a ring on my finger my Daddy, didn't walk me down Isle by my Ma did as my father Wed us. Happiest day of my life. It was the only life I knew, till my new husband decided we should move to the city; to start a new life raise our kids the city way. Me being the Preachers daughter I did whatever my husband told me too. I was to dim for a while to realize that my wonderful hubby was the Preachers Daughter Christian Husband that he should be.

My hubby, was a wonderful man when sober gave me a wonderful child but when he drunk he was meaner than a rattler...A few times on church days I be sitting in the back dark shades on with my long sleeve blouses.. No one at the time thought anything of it I mean who would?

When it came to love makin though I felt very dirty I wish I could say in a good way... bless the lord but no my hubby did things that most women would call that illegal thing rape if I'm not mistaken. He liked me to dress up or well dress down, in small cotton and leather clothes that like to ride up places and show up my little curly hair, I had to drink things that tasty funny and have things shove in places that hurt to do my morning business.

But, I never said a word maybe I was just being dim a loyal but I never said a word, and then my boy wanted and need a computer for school. So, I talked to my hubby and he got three one for each and paid for me to take classes that way I could work this machine as well. It was confusing at first but then, I started writin my stories and prayers for the next few weeks.